My 3500a with strange firmware version

sorry for my poor English .

I got a NEC ND-3500A (not AG?) serval days ago.
It was recognized as _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500A.

And the firmware version is … 1.0A??

I wonder update the firmware ; I have downloaded the latest official firmware 2.18. When I execute it , I got a error like that:

I have tried to flash the TDB firmware v2.18 rpc1,and it became a 3500AG;But I found that it can’t burn any DVD-R,all of them were recognize as 1X in NERO CD-DVD SPEED 3.61;When I use NERO , I got a error called “illugal Disc”.

My system is Windows XP sp2,NERO Burning ROM
Environment : Athlon XP 1600+ , 256MB , Soltek Motherboard with KT333 chipest.


Could someone help me?

Could you drop me a PM with your eMail address? It looks like NEC made something like the 3450 drives with this one. I’d like to check something with a special firmware dumper.

Go to this page and download Necflash-wingui (Binflash).

First make a backup with Binflash of your 1.0A.

You can get firmware in bin format from which work with binflash.

I would suggest a 2.16 firmware, then you can use original NEC 3500 AG 2.18 to upgrade your drive with.

EDIT: Go for Liggy’s suggest.

To Liggy: I have sent my E-MAIL address to you , Thank you! :slight_smile:

To jbv: I have made a backup of my 1.0A,and there’s a .bin file on my desktop.Then I used binflash to upgrade my drive with official 2.18,and I got the same result.(Cannot burn DVD-R )

I have upload the firmware

I just had a closer look at some data lynmon sent me.
It looks like this drive has some similarities to the 3100. This trick might work with the drive, but it’s something that needs to be tested.

On the other hand, 3100 users should be able to use this firmware too. If writing to DVD-R worked with the original firmware, it should work on 3100 drives as well.

The write strategy versions seem old.
In other words,can I upgrade the write strategy versions of the “1.0A Firmware”?

lynmon > Where did you buy that NEC 3500?

It’s smugglled into my country (China).
My friend gave it to me and told me to make a test of it.

whoa that’s crazy. China disapproves the domestic use of NEC drives, or something?

no,just because it’s cheaper than drives which were imported from normal channel …