My 3500 can't read some burned dvds, help please :)

What’s up guys,
The problem I’m having is that my 3500 drive is not being able to read a lot of dvds that i burned… Thing is, I used to be able to read them just fine, but now when I throw in a dvd inside it, it hangs a little then windows says it’s a Blank dvd…

I can read the dvd’s on my standalone dvd player but not on my 3500 NEC drive ( and that is dvd’s burned by my 3500 )… I’m still being able to burn them, but not read them -,-

The weird thing is that there are some dvds that my 3500 still can read… so this makes me confused, at first i thought its my XP is messed up… but some dvd’s work just fine… so i really dont know :confused:

I hope somebody can help with this annoying problem :frowning:

Many thanks in advance