My 2nd Px716a makes strange i/o errors

Hi guys,

My first px716a was giving me i/o erros after 4month of using… then i used the plextor service support and i got a new drive after some days… but this drive sucks like hell Oo

First some system information :
windows xp sp2 , px716 is jumpered to master and alone on the seconadry ide controller ( controller and cable(80conductors) checked they work fine)

on the primary ide bus works a maxtor 200gb hdd the mainboard is from MSI a 845e Max2…

oh and the dma mode is checked and applicable… “ultra dma mode4”

i have really no idea whats going on with this drive… it reads only after 10-15 tries a burned dvd and cd’s and original dvd’s never … i was able to burn 5dvds but reading doesn’t work…

although i patched it to a newer firmware 1.09 nothing changed…

what should i do? contact plextor? and tell about this crap which they send me? or is my system crashed wtf is going on:( i got two windows installed my second is windows 2003 and there i get the same erros so i think it’s not a windows error.

thx for any ideas and help


Try the self diagnostic with recommended media. Here. Let us know the result.:slight_smile: