My 2nd hard disk just doesn't show up at times

i recently bought a new hard disk 400 gb now i have mounted it as a primary slave,it was a single volume(dynamic… so no partitions)G drive. What happened is sometimes when i started my computer this hard disk dint show up. i mean not even in computer management. while sometimes it was there… i used it to store mostly movies so i dint bother with this problem. recently this hard disk got corrupted n i formatted it.also now i made it a basic type so that i can partition it… now again it is not being recognized. i have checked the connections several times n the hard disk is vibrating slightly indicating the power connection to be alright. also this hard disk heats up a lot… anyway what should i do? should i connect it as a secondary slave or something??should i change it back to dynamic type?? please help!!!

thanks in advance

Does it show up in bios? How many drives do you have in your pc, including optical? What operating system are you using? Can you give some pc specs?

yeah it shows in bios. i 3 drives … 2 hard disks one is 80 gb n the other as i mentioned 400gb. 1 dvd writer it is mounted as secondary master. i’m using windows XP… my pc specifications are: amd athlon 64 processor 3000+ 2.00Ghz, 500mb ram

No reason to make it a dynamic disk and it shouldn’t matter if it’s a primary or secondary slave as long as the jumpers are set correctly. Are you using 40 pin or 80 pin IDE cables? It could also be a weak power supply. Make sure your motherboard bios is flashed to the latest version. You don’t say what make/model computer you have but manufacturer’s usually post any bios updates on their website.

Two things. First, check in the event viewer and see if Windows is reporting any issues with the drive. Second, goto Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Storage / Desk Management and check the status of the drive.