My 2nd Coaster! Arggh! help!



Okay. All is semi-well in 2500a land. I have backed up several of my DVDs on TDK media with no problems. However, when i attempted to back up my beloved Dawn of the Dead (1978 original) it burned fine, however when i attempted to play it on my PS2 it jittered toward the end and completely froze at the end and stopped, announcing it was unable to read the disc.

Now Dawn of the Dead is a long movie (127 mins). I had to dump damn near everything outside of one audio track and the flim itself and it still exceedED 4.2 Gigs. I was using TDKs which I was told were quality media and DVD Shrink. Will increasing the compression (thus adding more unused space on the disc) help the situation? I burned the 2x media at 6x courtsey of Herrie’s firmware.

Thanks again guys for your help.


Right then everything you are doing appears to be fine what you are experiencing is errors at the end of a dvd disc. This is common when discs are burned that go right to the edge ie fill up all of the dvd+/-r when they are of either poor quality / cheap DVD media (I have never used TDK discs so I can’t comment on their quality but just do a search in these forums for more info on the discs you are using) or what I think is your main problem is that you are burning a 2x media at 6x so towards the end of the disc you are getting more errors.

Try a different brand of disc, I personally use Ritek G04 discs, but have a look in the NEC forum to see what discs users recommend, or burn at the 2x stated by the TDK discs.

Hope this helps if you require any more info just ask.