My 2510 A is a non starter

I bought a 2510A from New Egg and installed it as the master. The other drive is a Sony CD-RW. The drive will play audio CD’s and PC games, but it steadfastly refuses to play a DVD of any stripe. When I try to play a DVD, I get a message saying that the software has encountered a problem and will be closing. I am offered the opportunity to send a report to Microsoft, but I get no reply.
I have tried to play the movies on WinDVD, PowerDVD, Interactual Player, Windows Media Player, and Real Player. Interactual Player will let some DVD’s get to the menu screen, but it too takes a dive when I press play.
Device Manager says the device is working properly and I have the most up to date drivers, according to Windows. I uninstalled and reinstalled the IDE.
If it matters, I recently upgraded to P4 2.8 on an Intel D865GBF with 512MB of DDR 3200, so I don’t think lack of horsepower is the issue. I also upgraded to XP Home from the demonic ME.
I found this site while searching for the solution to my troubles and I have already learned a ton. I just hope that the resident brain trust can help me out of this jam.
BTW, I don’t have any intention of downloading movies. This device was installed as a step toward building a PVR.

It sounds like you may need to reload your video drivers. All of the applications that you mention for playing DVD’s will use features of the video chip set that previously may not have been utilized with your other software. I use the 2510 with an AMD system based on the A7N8X motherboard with XP Pro and have not problems whatsoever.

I failed to mention that the video card is an on-board Intel Extreme Graphics 2. I don’t know if this makes any difference.

install Directx 9 [available from windows update] if you haven’t the latest drivers from intel. uninstall current intel display drivers via add/remove programs. restart. install intel display drivers.

The only Intel files I see at Add/Remove are entitled “Intel ® PRO Network Adapters and Drivers” and “Intel ® Extreme Graphics 2 Driver”. Which ones should I delete. Also, from where do I install the drivers after restart? From the Intel site or from the disk that came with the mobo?

Before deleting any files, get on the internet and see if you can find updated drivers for your motherboard. If the manufacturer is Intel, get from them. Most likely it is an Intel Chip Set and the manufacturer will have a website from which to get the updated drivers.

After the new drivers are downloaded and unzipped if necessary, go to the control panel, system, hardware, device manager , video adaptors, double click on the adaptor listed. Then select driver and update driver. Chose where the system will look for the updated driver and point it ot the location you stored the downloaded and upzipped drivers. I usually make a directory on C drive called video adaptor and put the unzipped files there. That make is easy to find.

If that doesn’t work, you can follow the same path and ask the system to uninstall the driver and the next time you reboot windows will reinstall a fresh copy of the drivers.

Hope this is enough detail to get you started.

Thanks for the replies. I have reloaded the drivers and I still have the same problem. I have an old 64mb nvidia video card along with the software. Should I try to install and run that? This is really getting old… :a

did you really upgrade, or did you reformat and install xp from a full xp CD ? have you installed the Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility {} ? you might look for a firmware update for the dvd drive also. i had a similar issue not long ago. thought it was software, but turned out to be firmware-related

It is the $95 update version. I have installed the chipset utility and still have the same problem. I also installed the nvidia video card and software and I have still the same problem. Should I return the drive for another? I find the firmware update quite intimidating. Especially since NEC doesn’t condone it. I knew this upgrade was going a little too smoothly…

I’ve bought 3 of these drives from new-egg, and have not had this problem…installed on my main machine, a machine of a friends with a 32 meg crap 4x agp, and an old hp pavilion with shared video…Not saying it “can’t” be the drive hoss, but think it’s more likely your system.

Good news is…Newegg is pretty cool about RMA’s, if you really want to swap out the drive for a replacement, they are good about doing that…:slight_smile:

do you have more than one machine available to you, to install it in? for testing purposes.

Thanks for the help. That is my next move I’m going to take it out and put it into my neighbor’s machine. I’ll report back! This forum is better than some product support sites!

We’re here to help…that and goof…but mostly the helping thing… :iagree:

I wound up putting a friend’s DVD player into my machine and I get the same result. I guess that’s good news for New Egg and bad news for me… My friend told me to try the SFC /RUNNOW command. Any thoughts?

My guess…is same as above posts imply…your video is not up to snuff,upgrade to wmp9, install the patches…and update your drivers. past that…back-up your stuff…and start fresh that machine…:slight_smile:

Much as we try, this is not…rocket science in general…

Success!! I finally got the infernal contraption running! I really hate to admit this, but 80 pins really is greater than 40 pins… :o After a reformat, clean install, loss of all e-mail settings and addresses, and one p.o.ed wife, it turns out the old cable from the previous Socket 423 board couldn’t cut the mustard. Thanks again for everyone who tried to help. You guys are great!

DOH!!! Thant should have been one of the first things we had you check. :eek:

This is an important finding, because I know a lot of 2510 owners who are having similar problems, in that their drive will not read worth a darn. So if any of you are having a similar problem check your IDE cables it seems like that may be the source of the problems.