My 2500A only produces average DVD burning results! Advice needed!



After beeing so frustrated with the DVD writing results of my LiteOn LDW-811S and after i had seen many people experiencing the same problems with the drive i decided to get a NEC 2500A, which is said to be one of the best DVD burners available. It arrived today and i installed it as Master at the secondary IDE-channel (Slave is the LiteOn which i still need to burn CDs and to test DVD burning results with KProbe).
Stock firmware was 1.07. I immediately flashed it to Herries 1.07 v2 Beta 5 with DL support using the Windows flasher. I then bitsetted the drive to DVD-ROM booktype using the latest DVDInfoPro.

First some information about my system:
Build time: December 2000
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1Ghz
512MB Ram
Windows XP Pro SP1

I burned the first DVD (4.22GB movie), Ridisc 4x DVD-R (RITEKG04) using Nero (latest). I then scanned the disc with the LiteOn using KProbe 2.22 and surprisingly the results were almost equal to what the LiteOn had produced before. Burned another Disc (Verbatim DLP DVD-R Pastel Color (TYG01!)) with the same configuration and the same movie. Again the results are almost the same. Look at my scans and remember these are TYG01 media burned at 4x speed!
I really don´t know what to do now. It can´t be the burners IMO. Nero CD/DVD speed Burst rate test showed 25MB/sec for both drives. I used many media and the results are the same so it isn´t a media issue either. The only thing i could think of is buying a new IDE cable (remember my system is almost 4 years old now) as the scans somehow look to me like a data transfer error (notice the many high spikes).
OK, this is as detailled as i could do it so please, i need some advice now.
Thanks in advance :wink:

The first scan shows the LiteOn results, second one the NEC results.


I suspect that your LDW-811s is a poor reader. If you scan the same discs in another drive, the result may be much better.


Maby yes, but i only got the LiteOn and the NEC. But the NEC can´t be used for PI-PO scanning tests and the readability tests are not very reliable…


Deffinitely need to look for IDE issues, like the cable. If you ignore the ladders of single and grouped spikes you can see the underlying “real” errors reported at a much lower level on the 2500 disc.
There’s no known “normally occuring” errors that produce such regularly spaced spikes.


First, if you’re using a NForce chipset change the drivers to the standard Microsoft IDE drivers in Device Manager. I think there is a new update for the NForce drivers which may also correct those real high spikes you are getting consistently across the disc.

The other recommendation would be to try out the drive with Herrie’s 1.07v2b4 firmware. While this firmware doesn’t have dual-layer support it is Region Free, Riplocked, and has Bitsetting capabilities from the HP firmware. It also has a wide array of media support - I’m not sure how good the media support is for 107v2b5. The other thing to try would be look for Nero (or was it 17?). It gives better support for the ND2510A for more reliable burns from what I’ve been reading. :slight_smile:


There’s no evidence that there’s anything wrong with the burn quality on the 2500. The issue is in the scanning drive or IDE hardware.
I’ve got a 6-pack riding on the IDE cable.


Thanks rdgrimes,
i bought a new IDE cable today and will install it this afternoon. Will report back if the burn quality has changed or not.
And i forgot to mention, bitsetting doesn´t really work aswell on my 2500A. KProbe sais booktype is “unknown” on DVD+R discs…


:eek: KProbe (whatever version) DOESN’T work with NEC drives!
You have to verify bitsetting on a different drive (e.g., LiteOn ones).


A Simple Question from a simple relative newbie…Do those DVDs Play OK in a DVD Player?!..Do they Play OK in your DVD-Writer & DVD-Rom Drive…If the answer is YES…Then is All this Reading of these DVDs necessary!!!..Is it not makeing us Paranoid because we not getting the Good Reads as some others R…Does it Matter one IOTA provideing these Burnt/Copied DVDs R Working Perfectly…

A Simple Answer that Can/Will Appease our Simple Minds would/Will be Appreciated…
THANK YOU ALL for an EXCELLENT FORUM n U’r Patiance!!..


The problem is that there also are degrees in the reading capability of readers. When a disc is perfectly read by reader A with X levels af error corrections, it might not be read by reader B with only Y levels of error corrections.
Also I read that discs having high PI/PO’s are more likely to deteriorate in the future.

Besides that, some of us try to make a perfect burn or the best burn we can. It’s as useful as performance playing a sport. What’s the point running faster ?


How Long in the Future will it be Before these DVDs Deteriorate!..Does it Matter!!
50 years I’ll be Dead Anyway, 20 years I’ll be to Old n to Bored, 10 years I can Re-Copy another one…So Why Be Paranoid…Go with the flow…In 5 years we wont be useing DVD-R anyway…Enjoy while ya can without getting Paranoid about Read Errors…As long as the DVD Plays Perfectly that’s all U need…
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Still does…Go With The Flow…Take Care…


I changed the IDE cables but the results are the same. I start to believe that my 811S really is a bad reader. I tried to KProbe-test a commercial DVD and the errors start to raise THE HIGHER THE READING SPEED GETS! Maby i should try to read the discs with lower speed than 4x. What do you think???
Will add some more KProbe scans tomorrow which i did today , including a quite good performance test.

Of course i use my 811S to verify and test my discs but it still sais Booktype is unknown. I have read though that newest Nero has in issue with bitsetting. Will try other burn progs.


Do a CD Speed test in your NEC using a riplock modded firmware. See if you get a smooth curve on those 4x written TY. You should. Then do a CD Speed read on the Lite-On and compare. Forget Kprobe for the moment.


The speed doesn’t change if you’re scanning at 4x, it’s 4x all the waqy through.

Can you please post a scan of a pressed disc at 4x?


No, the scan started at 2x and moved slowly up to more than 4x… But only on the commercial DVD.
Scans follow tomorrow.


Here are some new scans. MCC01 media burned at 4x and an performance test with the same disc. For testing the 811S reading quality i scanned a commercial DVD with KProbe. The errors are quite high esp. at the end. What do you think? Currently doing a read speed test in Nero CD/DVD speed using the 2500A with the TYG01 media (scans in the first post). After that i´ll do the same with the 811S. Will post these scans aswell.

The last scan shows the commercial DVD…


The discs quality is fine, no need to worry about that. But your 811 does have reading issues related to the error reporting, either hardware or drive-related.
The only real way to know if it’s the drive or the hardware is to swap in a different drive, and/or check the 811 in another computer.


I don´t have another comp at hand. but i think i´ll simpy trust my 2500A burning quality and will use best possible media. I´ve been so disappointed about my 811S (And many other people are aswell) that i won´t trust it anymore. The drive is just pure crap. Thanks for your support so far.


Well, if you ignore the “comb-tooth” spikes and just look at the solid curve of errors at the bottom of your scans, I think you’ll get a fair picture of your true error rates.


Usind your pressed DVD scan from above, I’ve erased what I’d consider to be erroneous errors.