My 2500 is going back for 'testing'

All I can say is. They’d better test it properly and do some CD Speed scans etc on it before saying “Nothing wrong with it. Have it back”. :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading about SVP user who bought an NEC2500 from them I am rather more hopefull. Fingers crossed for me!

Print out some scans and put them in the RMA package. At least they will know what they should be looking for. You might want to include a couple DVD’s of your favorite brand so they test using what you will be using.

Wish I had thought of that. Too late now it’s all packaged. But I did send a load of scans to support when I was emailing them about the problems I was experiencing. It’s mainly things like when burning those Datawrite Grey 8x media I got from them that it reads back as bad at the 6x portion of any burns. The 4x and 8x portions read back fine. Which really seems like a fault on the drive otherwise why would the 8x bit read fine? Ritek G04’s read back badly too. I told them all this and showed them scans.

Will see what happens I guess.

I’m having trouble with my NEC 2500 and the grey tops (both from SVP)

Did you get it sorted?
Any ideas that may help me?

Please see my thread here with a speed test screenshot

Can you post some CD Speed scans of the discs you burned at 8x? I’m curious to know whether you have the same kind of problem.

My drive went in for an RMA on wednesday so it may be next week sometime that I hear anything. Post some scans so I can compare.

It wont let me upload the scan again as I’ve already put it in another post
It’s in the thread I posted a link to in my first reply

This speed scan looks like what you were describing earlier
Problems with the 6x portion

This scan is from another disc I burnt but with the latest official firmware
(not tried burning since I moved my drive from primary slave to secondary master though)

Similar yes. Does not fail at the same point as mine did. Is it like that on all the discs you have burned? By the way. They tested mine and said it failed. They are sending a new one. WEEEEE! :slight_smile:

So far I’ve only burnt 2 discs at 8x and one at 4x (the 4x had no problems)
Yesterday I sent a support request to SVP
A mate a work recently got the same drive but from Dabs, thinking of getting him to test the discs

Let me know if the new one solves your problems

Seems there must be some bad batches going around. Hoping the replacement works better.

Got my replacement yesterday, they just did a straight swap no questions asked

Tried a burn at 8x and it verified in Nero but when I did a speed test it wouldn’t read above 4x
Started a new thread on that

Speed test in the NEC or another drive? If in the NEC you might have to use a riplock modified firmware.

In the NEC
It’s read discs on speed tests above 4x before though (it read my old 2500 burns past 4x, just seems to be this disc so far)

I did forget to set the region on the drive though (must also re-check DMA)
Will check tonight when I get home

Have you got your new one yet?

If I’d waited a week I could’ve got the Pioneer for a similar price :frowning:

I gotta say, if you look at 8x scans with kprobe
the 6x section of the burn always gives the worst results.