My 20A1H - bad results :(

So I just got a new 20A1H. Seems I got a funky drive from my initial tests. I can’t tell if it’s a bad burner, scanner or both! Unfortunately I think I’ll be taking this back to the store.

Here is a TYG03 disc burnt at 12x and scanned on a 165H6S.

Here is the same TYG03 disc from above, but this time scanned on my 20A1H… way different results (specifically PIF).

So to see which burner was out of whack, I scanned the same TYG03 disc on my old 832S and the results were pretty close to the results of the 165H6S scan. To me I’d trust the similar 165H6S and 832S scans rather than think the 20A1H is right and the other two drives are off base.

So, this initial testing makes me think my drive having scanning issues.

Okay, so I decide to try some burning then… well the results aren’t pretty either. Check out the spikes at the start of the discs and the PIF totals!

TYG03 disc burnt with 20A1H at 16x

CMC MAG E01 disc burnt with 20A1H at 8x

Those aren’t the only burns either, I tried a couple different types of media at different speeds and they all had those issues at the start of the disc. Anyway, not too happy with this drive that I got, I think it’s got some factory defects. Unless anyone has any suggestions, I’ll return it and probably get another one and keep my fingers crossed!

IIRC, the first few burns with my LH-20A1H were out of whack, and they exhibited the same “burn curve” that yours do, without the drop-offs where the burner will normally recalibrate. That’s the first thing I noticed, but on subsequent burns, the quality got much better, and the burn curve started showing the recalibration points. Strange, I know, but it looks very similar to how mine started.

I can’t comment about the scans, because I took my old Lite-ons out when I installed this one, so I only have my Benq to compare scans to.

Notice how your scans are a flat line with no dips… That’s how mine started until I burned at least a couple of the same media, and once the calibration points started appearing the results got much better.

Thanks for the comments. It’s those high PIF readings at the start I just really don’t like. :Z

I would like everyone to know that these new liteon drives can be the best drive you have ever had or the worst ever. It’s like a box of choclates you never know what you’re gona get. My first one was perfect, i was very happy, it gave great results even with shitty media. Unfortunately i sold it to a friend. It was a 18A1P@20A1P. But was it ever good. Then all the subsequent ones after that were just downright poor quality to total crap. I think there is no such thing as quality control over at liteon. Some people are saying that the october builds are better with less noise issues, well let me tell you i’ve tried 4 october built 18A1Ps and they all sucked in writing quality compared to the first one i had bought which was a september build. Also, i don’t know if anyone has noticed but all the october builds i got had some noise issues regarding the tray mechanism, not only were they noisy but there were some alighnment issues with the tray. I had noticed in all of them (october build) that the right side of the tray was being rubbed too harshly with the inner body of the drive causing the tray outer (right side) railing to get scratches, there are definetely some friction issues (tray mechanism) on these october build drives. From my conclusions the october build is actually worse quality then the september build. Either that or my local store got a bad batch of these drives. Anyways, after much testing i just gave up and exchanged my last unit with a lg h22n and it works great, awsome writing quality and very smooth operation. Only thing I don’t like about the lg is lack of firmware updates and there are alot of 16x rated media it doesn’t support at all.

Just found out something interesting. I know 8x is the standard scanning speed, but I thought I’d try out some other settings.

At 16x and 4x the results are actually much better the 16x scan is actually the best one if you can believe it!.. it’s the 8x and 12x scans that look ugly. So now I’m really confused, hehe. :doh:

I wonder if it has something to do with the slower RPM speeds? Or is that just with burning?

TYG03 disc burnt with 20A1H at 16x





Scanning is just unreliable in general. How do you know liteon (all drives) are quite incorrect with the numbers they produce?

In the end of the day, you’d have more peace of mind if all you could do was a TRT and watch the disc in your DVD player. You’re spending more time scanning than watching movies/playing games etc :slight_smile:

But once you do a quality scan you can’t stop. It’s a bit like masturbating I guess… :eek:

Those results are strange, because my 8x scans on my 20A1H very closely resemble those at 4x, and both are more or less similar to what I scan on my Benq.

Hehehehehe, never thought of it that way. :eek:

Posting here because I go similar strange behavior. I just received my LH-20A1H and burned a full test disc on my trusty Verbatim 8x DVD-R.

Burn went fine and scan was really odd showing almost complete failure with very high (400 - 600) PIEs and failing PIFs. Scanned the same disc in my Benq and it showed normal passing marks and a good disc burn.

So I decided to scan a disc that was burned in my PX-716A and previously scanned in the Benq showing a very good result. It scanned fine in the Liteon with similar scores to the Benq.

Retried scanning the disc burned in the Liteon and still fails scanning in the Liteon but passes with flying colors in the Benq.

It seems the Liteon only fails discs that it burned but passes the discs burned in other drives, but the Benq passes the discs burned in the Liteon no problem. BTW I got the same scanning problems with the Liteon with CD Speed 4.50, 4.70, 4.702 and kprobe 2.52 so it is not the application.

The drive came with LL06 but I reflashed it to LL06 again same results. Back to LL05 same results and back to LL06 again with same results.

I know this may be hard to follow so I will post pics later when I can.

Don’t worry you’re not the only one having the 20A1H flaking out on you. I bought my retail one from the Egg and now it is starting to flake out on me. When I check the box verify data after finish burning in Nero, it compares that data back to the data on the HDD, and tells me that the data do not match at all and fails the verification burn. :a So much for LiteOn, I’ve had the drive for about 2 months only. I will probably go get me a Samsung or LG now. I guess with this LiteOn drive it’s a hit or a miss. And I’m missing it by a mile. :doh:


Thanks for the reply. I considered the other drives but decided to give Liteon another chance after my DRU-710A experiences.

Late last night I burned a 16x Verbatim DVD-R and it burned and scanned great. Flying colors in all areas so I am not sure what to think but I believe the drive is a good burner with my somewhat limited testing.

I will run it through a few more paces before declaring failure and returning my to NewEgg as well. BTW I got the OEM version.

Well I have solved my problem for the most part. Turns out I was burning my discs too slow :slight_smile:

I have a video archiving project I have been working on for a few years and speed of burning is not a issue for me. I have found I get my best results burning Verbatim 8x DVD-R at 4x in my PX-716A so I just assumed that other drives would work the same. I tend to stock up on good Verbatim and TDK when I can find it at a good price.

I found I get better results burning the discs at 8x and like wise burning Verbatim 16x and TDK 16x at 16x in this drive. Looks like they optimized it to work better at higher speeds.

So now I only get the odd scan if I burn at 4x and scan at 4x in this drive. Even if I do burn at 4x I believe the burn is not as bad as the Liteon suggests it is because my Benq and other Liteon give much better scans but still not as good as when I burn the media a full rated speed of the media.