My 2000th post!

Well guys, it’s taken me long enough, but I made it!

I’d just like to say a HUGE thank you to all you guys (and gals). This forum is great, and I have enjoyed the couple of years (is it?) that I’ve been here. I’m not going to name all the people who I want to thank, because I would be here for a very long time.

Hands out drinks and snacks

Well, I guess that just leaves the customary w00t, so…W00T!


P.S. You didn’t think I would leave out my customary celebration:

Yay, 2000 posts!

cool!!! congrats…so shall i tell the bartender at the pub you will pick up the tab?

Only in a pub you don’t intend to return to.:stuck_out_tongue:

pomp and circumsize

/me backs away at thought of circumcising.

Circumstance! :o

Beware of the circumsizing Ailhead!!! in addition to blessin you from his pope ness…he can take ya blessing from you as well…in just one snip !

LOL, this can’t be good before I go for some sleep, imagine the nightmares. Getting chased by a letiled modelatol with a pair of snippers.

we all need a life. :o

Do they sell those on EBay?

Don’t think so, but you can have mine. It is a little outmoded however. :wink:

Congrats with your 2K post. :flower:

Join the club :a

Maybe we LR ppl should all meet for a nice bbq and some serious alchohol abuse. In fact, if you’d all come over to the Netherlands, we could do some serious pot smoking as well. Sounds like a good reason to me :slight_smile: