My 2 Maxtor Maxline II Drives wont spin

My PC crashed yesterday and leaving 3 hard drives DOA:doh::doh:. Aint bothered with the 40gig IDE boot drive…but have 2 maxtor maxlineII 250gig sata’s that have like 1 years worth of work and all my personal photo;s of my children and grand children…that i canot replace…:sad::sad:Iv checked the PSU and thats fine…Iv checked all the power cables and all ok…hot swapped both drives into a sata caddy that is working with a samsung 500 gig sata drive and both wont spin up…iv tried the inertia method on the drives…and can hear a whiring sound so im guessing the platters r free to move…But just cant power them up to recover my data from them…
Other than getting a recovery dealer at $$$$$$$,
ANY help and advice would be so greatfully apreciated.

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Any chance you can try them in a completely different PC, rather than just a caddy? It’s a long shot though, they do sound dead to me (unless another member can come up with something :D).

Maybe a data recovery place is the best option.

What happened to take out 3 HDDs and leave everything else intact?

wasent just the hard drives…mother board,cpu shot too:sad::sad:all i was left with was the ram :confused:them things are replacable…the photoes on dead drive aint…realy dont wana spend mega bucks on data recovery service…iv tried them in the new system i built today and still no joy…