My 2 4167B's are nearly in the bin....HELP!

Hello would love some help

I recently purchased 2 LG 4167B multi drives and since i have put them into my Pc they ahve never worked properly here my problems.

1.When i put DvD games that i ahve already installed into drives i keep getting asked to put in the correct disc (which i have done).I have tried re installing which works without problem but as soon as i try and fire up the games i get the same message"please insert the correct disk"

2.I run Napster and i keep getting an error saying my burn speed is too high i have been down all the settings but still no luck.

I have checked through forums and must have missed it if someone else has the same problems i have a decent tagan 400W PSU so i guess thats not the issue.
The one thing that did concern me was when i chacked my hardware profile to check the dma settings were correct i had only my nvidia nforce2 ata controller and nothing else was expecting to 2 other entries channel 1 and 2 but nothing.
Sorry if this is a real noob thing but i guess thats what i am lol



You surely have used COPIES which will not work.


Nope all my Games are originals


Ow, then there could be an issue initiated by creepy drivers or copy-protection rootkits.

What copy protections come these games with?
Have you checked for malware?

Hello sorry its been a while my hard drive packed up not having much luck
Thanks for the advice i will google malware and see what comes up.
Hopefully that will sort it out but i have uninstaled the games and re-installed still same message i have even now gone down the road of picking up another lg dvd only drive same bloomin problem arghhhhhhhhhhh

Cheers again

One thing you can try is to take one of those 4167Bs and try them on another computer. You probably will have to install one of your games on that other system just to test the drive, but you can always uninstall after testing.

If the drive works, it could be some sort of driver conflicting with the drives’ ability to read in some way.