My ~1yr unlabeled TY media is PEELING?

i just realphebetized about 200 cd’s in a caselogic cd binder and 3!!! of them had small holes/peels in the foil

its all 48x TY media which i’ve always bought… from cddimensions, has worked well for me till now
the stuff is maybe a year old, some of it is mixed but its the older stuff i think

the hole/peeling was in the same spot on all 3 discs… when looking down on the folder it would be near the center, up to the left just a tad, on the ‘exposed’ part of the cd, which i suppose touches the cd on the next page… but still i dont see a problem with the way i store my media, and i’d prefer not to change it

should i start using labeled media??? i thought quality unlabeled stuff had a protective layer
with these little peelholes (which increased with gentle rubbing) it seemed as if there was nothing between me and the foil layer

what should i do? for the time being i’m not changing anything (i like my storage folders) and i have a lot of cd’s to burn
…but i think next time around i upgrade my hard drives i’ll get dual 250’s or 320’s… and everything is going back onto hd’s

I havent seen a peeled cdr before though I heard of it.
Can you scan a pic and post it?
If you store cdr in a spindle, maybe u can try topple the spindle on one side instead of place it upright. In that media wont press one another that much under its weight and may solve the peeling prob…

Sounds like the problem others have reported with plastic sleeves and CD wallets. Suggest you get your discs out of that and into some slim cases or fabric sleeves.

BTW, CD’s do not touch each other in a spindle, there’s a ridge near the center that spaces them apart.

that sucks because all i use is 200 cd wallets


I simply flip the disc over when I sleeve it so that the bottom faces out and the label side is fully protected by the fabric side of the sleeve.

I store all my cd’s (1000’s off) in plastic wallets - I cant believe the plastic wallets damage cds’ - more likely some have a manufacturing fault that took a little time to manifest itself or something went wrong and pressed those parts together for some reason - but yes, with a protective layer that seems strange.

Maybe the hardware the they were played in or where they were rested damaged them?

Please don’t say all these 'protective platic sleeves are non-protective.

CD’s / DVD’s should be stored upright anyway, so that gravity over many years does not cause the cd to bend - albeit ever so slightly.

Even if the print side rubbed off - so what, the dye is inside the plastic not on the surface - just what is being said here?

There appears to be some sort of chemical reaction between the plastic and the CD surface coating. As I recall, it’s usually seen with generic CDR’s that have no label/coating on the back. It’s been posted here before. It may also have something to do with pressure, as the CDR’s get sandwitched in the wallet.

I have experienced the same with with s/s ProDisc CDRs which also have no label or protective layer although the dye itself is good (no C2 errors). I believe it is more of a manufacturing problem as some peeled and others didn’t. Some peeled even if they were stored in a spindle or sometimes right after burning.

I have also seen the same issue with some other Taiyo Yuden media, it did have little pee holes in them. These were branded as “That’s Media”. I believe the protective/reflective layers were both weak before this occurred with some discs. If you look carefully at the top you can usually tell if the disc will have these problem (excluding any silver/silver discs).

The only silver/silver unlabeled discs I have seen that I believe won’t have these problems are ones such as Mitsui which you can tell has a protective layer on top. I have a ton of discs which I’m worried about being damaged.

I think s/s should be labelled to protect it if it doesn’t come with its own protective layer.

I can understand something happening with the unprotected cdr’s, but even then, these wallets are sold on the basis of being ‘protective’ coverings - if they damage the media then the manufacturers and retailers are liable as they are not fit for the purpose - if this happens in the millions all over the world after a few years maybe something will be done to come up with better ‘plastic’ protection :slight_smile:

I have used Kodak, Mitsui gold, Mitsui ‘frosted’ top, etc, cdr’s, all which look well made - especially the Mitsui frosted lacquered top media - it looks classy.

I have about 1000+ Plextor branded TY x48 cdr’s and now several hundred unbranded clear lacquer TY from SVP - all stored in clear plastic wallets. I sure hope they are not going to suffer this horrid fate - especially as the tub dvdr’s I buy I now store in plastic wallets too.

these are unbranded 48x TY media
i really was under the impression these had a thin protective layer over the reflective layer

if anybody knows more about the design of the unbranded TY it’d be great for them to chime in

i cant tell by eye if they have a layer or not, new discs have always treated me well, dont come off with rubbing or finger nail or anything…

i’m taking a knife to an unburned one right now to see what it takes…

ok it takes quite a bit of fingernail abuse, but even a gentle scrape with a very sharp knife removes all the foil… a bit disturbing

maybe i’ll switch to “frosted top” mitsui… cant say i like the price though

if everybody wants to see it maybe i’ll take picture of the cd later… but the gist was all 3 had a tiny hole, i rubbed the first one with my finger which made the cd unreadable, but the other two with the tiny hole were readable

once again these were in a 264cd caselogic binder, the parts that peeled were in fact the parts NOT touching the plastic, so in otherwords the part of the cd in these ‘protective’ binders that was unprotected

i understand there are brands of cd binders that have a flap so that the entire cd is covered… i would bet they dont have this problem

so after this knife test i’m gonna say that unbranded TY (and probly many others like it) dont have the protective layer we’d hope over the foil… from what i’ve seen of mitsui (i dont have any to test) it would hold up much better

i dont feel the cd folder is the problem but the media, i like caselogic binders for their browse-ability and mobility, i’m gonna stick with’em

there’s a layer of plastic/lacquer, but not the extra layer that branded discs have.

The plastic maybe the problem as only mylar (Invented by Dupont) is the only chemically inert plastic material i know of :

‘Mylar D is a chemically inert material, recommended by specialists worldwide for Museum Quality Archival Storage. The US Library of Congress and the University of Utrecht both use it.’ - Even the Magna Carta & US Declaration of Independence is stored using Mylar :slight_smile:

 I remember reading the original threads which discussed the whole issue of plastic wallets causing problems, that put me right off them, though i've never used them personally anyway. I dug them up incase anyone else was interested in some advice on storage.