My 1st 99%

After almost 1000 burns, my BenQ OEM DW1620 is still going strong. It has got to be at least one year old by now. It even survived a lightning strike surge last weekend that fried several components in the computer via an S-Video cable. I’ve always came close to 99%, but would always get that one spike that knocked the score down to 98%. I also have a retail 1620, but this OEM one always writes just slightly better quality.
FYI, the discs are inkjet hub printable genuine TY purchased from RIMA.

rima has great prices.

did ya burn with wopc on or off?

That’s a really good scan :clap:

wopc on.

what speed?

Nice burn. I am pretty much only buying YUDEN000T02 from now on. It seems to be the one media all my drives like.

BTW, keep trying. A score of 100 is a possibility.

Has anyone ever achieved a 100 QS? I never have seen a posted 100. I have come close on many trys only to have that first spike ruin the scan.

Disc was burned at 8X. Stock firmware speedpatched with riplocked removed.
I saw a 100% score posted the other day burned with a LG. I don’t remember which subforum it was in.

Look at chas0039’s sig a couple of posts up :wink: