My 1st 6x dvd-rw



Made in Japan :iagree:


Nice! Burn quality on the 4163B? Is it good?


so far i can only use LG4163B to test the 6x burning


scanning. soon u will see the results :bigsmile:


gd burn



The scan looks nice. I wonder after 100 burns? :stuck_out_tongue: No it’s not a request raygay. :bigsmile:


Looks great! And I was correct in my assumption that these JVC discs are made in Japan :slight_smile:


Schweet. Now for the Lite-On 1673S…


Should I fly to Singapore to get that disc from Raygay now? :bigsmile:


ND-3520A first. No news of SOHW-1673S release in South Korea while ND-3520A is by now widely available. :slight_smile:


原産国 日本
Such a beautiful sight.


8x DVD-RW shouldn’t be that far behind.


Nice! Now to convince them to sell NEC in India…
We get Lite-On, Sony, Pioneer, Benq, LG, Samsung… but no NEC :a
Even good media is available, everything except TY!


maybe nec is oemed into some other brands?
here in singapore no Nec drive distributors also.TDK is the one oems NEC3500 into TDK1616DLN.

was in HK last month. saw this rare RICOH 16x burner, which turned out to be nec3500 as well.


NEC Japan doesn’t encourage distributors to sell under the “NEC” brand name, making it a little more difficult to import and sell NEC ODDs.


Nope. Iomega and one or two other brands are available, but they turned out to be Lite-On drives. No Ricoh or other such exotic stuff here :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m still looking, but the Benq 1620 is nice and cheap, so maybe I’ll pick one up. It is 5000 rupees, roughly 110$ US for the retail pack.


Cheaper in South Korea! Under US$100 now.

How is winter in India? :slight_smile:


benq1620 is also a good choice :iagree:


Lovely weather here,Kenny.I live and study in Bombay, right on the sea. Very pleasant at night, about 20-22 degrees C, hot in the day though…30-32C.
It’s snowing up north though… Shimla,Srinagar and those areas are getting cold! Even Delhi and the Punjabi cities are cold and foggy - 8-12C, v.low visibility.

How’s Korea? Snowing yet?

raygay, Benq 1620 in Jan, 3rd week :). Birthday present to myself :wink: