My 19" CRT monitor just died!

Hi guys,

I want your point of view on this matter:
My 19" Belinea CRT monitor just died again. This is the third time in 3 yrs. I had it changed twice within those 3 yrs under waranty. So I am not going to bother anymore with a claim.
I am a hardcore gamer, and I don’t want to pay more than 200€ for an other monitor. Which means I have the choice between an other CRT monitor or a 8 ms (4 ms grey to grey) LCD monitor ( I am thinking about the Hyundai B71D).

What would you recommend?

It all depends on what size you are looking for, but I highly recommend the Samsung 930D 19in w/DVI, its great, I just bought one for my son at BestBuy in the USA for 249.00, not 1 dead pixel.

We have 3 Samsung LCD monitors, a 17in and two 19in. they are excellent.

No problems when gaming?
The Samsung 930D doens’t seem to available here in france.
amoung the 19", the Hanns HU196D is affordable, and people seems to be happy with it? Anyone owns it here?

a few months back I upgraded a Mitsubishi (sp?) 17" CRT to a Viewsonic 19" 8ms LCD w/DVI (VA912b) that I got for $250 US and Im happy with it. No dead pixels out of the box, but one did show up a month later, its off to the side though so it doesnt bother me too much. I do a fair amount of gaming and there is some ghosting, but im used to it now and don’t really notice it anymore. The only real drawback is the native resolution thing, it takes a helluva system to run new games at 1280x1024 :smiley:

just remember that when switching from CRT to LCD it will take your eyes a week or two to adjust (scrolling web pages/text docs was really weird at first)

Yeah, I have a HP 17" LCD at work and I noticed some ghosting some time. Particularly when surfing on very slow internet sites.
OK, I am ordering a HANNS HU196D. I will post my feelings when I get it.


ok, not exactly cheap but ive got a sony sdm-hs75p, its a 17 inch, and it was about 300 dollars/200 pounds. 8ms response time, havent experienced ghosting. picture quality is amazing.

I just got My Hanns HU 196D. Its a cheap monitor (195€) but very good.
8 ms, 19", 75hz at 1280*1024, two little speakers, DVI + VGA. The DVI cable is given with the monitor…
I am very happy!!!

Congratulations, bichonn! That’s a good price for a 19". I must admit I never heard of Hanns before.

sounds german to me :wink:

No, it is Taiwanese!!!
It is a new in Europe, that’s why it is so cheap. But It won’t stay that price for very long as Hanns is a real manufaturer. They don’t just stick their brand on someone else monitor.
If you want to know more:

But some how you are right since it seems to be much more known in Germany:

" HU196D has won an award in the German computer games magazine GameStar:Best price/performance ratio"