My 165P6S is sick!

When ever I want to open the tray, when it has been a while since I used it (more than 15 mn), it makes a “chlock” type of noise but does not open!!!
When I press a second time the push button, than it opens.
Any Idea?
could it be the mecanism that is off on tooth and needs to be set up?

Mine does exactly the same thing. Sometime it chomps 3 times before opening. :bigsmile:

For me,
if no disc in drive.
-Press eject botton
-wait about 7 sec and press eject botton again
-now it is open

-go to my computer
-right click at drive then eject
-drive will open in 7 sec

if CD or DVD in drive —> press eject botton —> it open normally

You should have reply earlier … I tried to fix it and I killed it :doh: (a hard cable broke and too short to weld). So I trashed it!!!
May be I was looking for a good reason to switch to one of those 20X :iagree:
time to update my sig!