My 1640 Results with Verbatim MCC 004 and Various Firmwares


Here are my results with different firmware. It may help people decide which firmware to try. I may update it with more test in the future. All tests were performed with 16x Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004 media burned at 12x with WOPC on, SS on, and Overspeed on.

Which scan is the best and why? Also, I don’t think BSLB likes that media. I burned 2 coasters in a row. I would think that BSOB is my best scan. I may turn off WOPC and see what happens.

Your first 2 scans show a quality score of 0 and a PO failure total of 688 ? The scans look very good and shoudn’t show these failures. Try rescanning them and do a transfer rate test too. :confused:

There is also a thread for posting your 1640 scans here

Do the first 2 scans look like they are better than the rest if they worked? I burned the same backup twice and scanned it. I can try again, any idea why the scan would give me all of those PO errors?

I agree with wobble, there is something wrong there.

A lot of people are getting better results with BSLB and BSMB. BSOB and BSNB have a bug when scanning DL and some SL discs, the drive hits the breaks and then accelerates again (over 40 times in the DL case), THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR THE DRIVE.

I’m sad to see the 1655 do this as well, since it will limit the life of the drive.

What could be wrong with the BSLB scans? I saw the zero’s and threw those discs away. Hopefully they are still ok when I get them out of the trash for a rescan.

I’ve never seen PO errors on my BenQ 1640, when there were not also high PIF errors… I deffintely think there is something wrong with your scans… I get excelent results with MCC004 on my BenQ, and have not yet seen any PO failures on any of the disks I’ve burned. I burn at 12X and have the latest firmware in my BenQ 1640.

Got this error when trying a transfer rate test after a successful scan.

Well just look at the scans with other firmware…they are fine. So either my drive doesn’t like BSLB or there was something wrong with the backup ISO. They were both the same backup burn, after the first 0 I tossed the disc and reburned with the same ISO, then I got the second 0. Come to think of it, I reboot after the firmware update, but then windows redetected the drive and then didnt ask me to reboot after that so I didnt. Maybe I should have reboot before burning.

Technically speaking are the BLSL scans better than the BSOB scan with a Quality of 96? Excluding the fact that the BSLB is high in PO failures.

What configuration is your 1640 set up as and is DMA on? (You can find this out with
Nero Info Tool)

All settings on and DMA is on. I am thinking of going back to try BSLB again and also turning off WOPC.

Make sure your burner is not setup on the same IDE cable as your hard drive. Use a 80 wire cable for your burner, set up on secondary IDE channel as master if possible.
Then go into Device Manager to IDE controlers, and uninstall the drivers for the
secondary IDE channel that your burner is on and reboot.This will install fresh new
microsoft drivers. This should be done whenever installing a new burner or firmware.

try ejecting ur discs after u finish burning them and then popping it back in for a scan/transfer rate test…from ur first and second capture is seems that cdspeed is trying to scan all the way to 4482mb (the full capacity of the dvd) when ur disc is actually burned to something less…
the ejecting and loading will should refresh the range that it scans

Ok…the drive is by iteself on secondary master. The hard drives are all SATA. I’ll have to check into the drivers. I don’t think that is an issue though considering all other firmware worked fine aside from BSLB. Thanks though I will give it a try so I can see a sucessful scan from BSLB. I basically want to go with the firmware that gives me the best MCC 004 burn cause I have alot of that media.

Side note, what causes skipping and unplayable discs towards the end of a video backup? Bad burn, bad media, which error lever do I look at, PIE or PIO? Haven’t tried anything with this burner yet but my old plextor 708a would skip about 3/4 of the way through.

I’m one of the few who use BSNB. Burns 98,s regularly with MCC004,s. As per reading PIE and PIF results check here.


I’m not sure I understand “Settings” but here goes. WOPC off with most MCC04,s
(found 2 50 packs that were not that good) SB off (default) OS off. Burned @ 12X. Here is my first burn with BSNB. See post

Thats what I meant!

The short answer is… high PIF rates typicaly are the cause of skiping… PO failures will very likely cause the disk to stop playing entirely. However differnt players/readers may give differnt results. The errors are a combination of problems with the disk/burn and/or the readers abilty to read some perticular disk/burn. When scaning… fewer errors are always better.

Also… my experiance is that many disks are harder to read and/or write near the end of the disk (the outer portion of the disk). I have quite a few disks that burn and read fine for the first 3800MB but are basicly junk for the last 600MB or so… I’ve learned this from scanning, and perticularly when burning copies of Video that extend all the way to the outer edge of the disk, I often just simply scan the last 800MB to save time… I figure if that portion is good, then it’s about 98% certian that the earlyer portions are OK… If you constantly get bad disks near the end like this, you either need to change your media, or find a better burner, etc…

For more information on scaning… go to the other link that Wobble provided previously…

This is one of the DVD’s I picked out of the garbage and scanned. It was burned using BSLB but scanned using BSNB. Looks to be my best quality score yet unless scanning it with a different firmware produces fubar’d results. I will be reflashing to BSLB and trying again.

Looks very good to me. PIE total and peak look great. Good jitter range.
PIF peak is great. Total PIF total good. The small cluster of PIF,s around 2.2 gig is where 80% of your total PIF comes from. It could have been caused by
dust on the disc before or after burning or the disc itself. I have a spindle of
Verbs that do that on almost every burn. A cluster that small with that short
of peak shouldn’t cause a reading problem even with the crappiest players.
IMO a very good burn. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
Question: Do you have your booktype set to DVD-ROM? This will help with
compatabiliy problems on some players.