My 1640 is burning TY02 only at 8x?

ok first let me say that Compusa has a slew of 1640’s, They were 30$ a week or two ago now they are 50.

I have been a long time owner of the 1620 and a long time user of TYG02 discs (taiyo yuden 8x + and -)

anyways the problem is that with just benq’s oem firmware the discs would burn at 16x. Many other brands like Mitsubishi would burn at 12x.

am I doing something wrong? or is this something i should not expect with this drive?

Also I beleive there are some features I can get with this drive that i couldnt with the 1620, if someone could just mention them i can research them on my own.



with Benq retail firmware and Qsuite installed, you could enable “overspeed” feature, that will allow you writing TYG02 at higher speeds than the 8x the media is rated for.