My 1640 can only burn DL at 8x

If I ever try to burn at 2.4x or 4x on Verbatim DL media they always halt somewhere around the 1/3 to 1/2 way mark. I’m currently on BSMB but this happened on BSLB and a few firmwares before that (over the past year since I’ve had the drive). Then I have to hit reset on my machine or else the drive tries to finalize the disc basically forever and doing a restart of windows just hangs.

8x is fine everytime and scans around 95 disc quality. Just strange.

Just burn at 8x and be happy with 95’s on DL.

The problem is I forget and set it down to 4x to boost the quality. Then I come back later and find it sitting at 30 odd % with an error and a coaster :\

try the latest firmware, BSRB…here