My 1625 is possessed, it keeps opening by itself!

Ok, on my previous thread where I said it doesnt open when i hit the eject button, well now for some reason, it just works but the problem now is keeps opening by itself and its getting more and more frequent.

Im not doing anything at all and it will just open by itself then close again, it does that with or without cd on it. What can be the possible reasons why it does that?

you’re being hacked.

i think

Yes the hackers are trying to scare him :rolleyes:

sspidey there have been one or two others around here describing similar problems. I would suggest if you can remove the drive from your PC and ask a friend if you can test it in their computer and see if the problem still persists if it does then you know there is a defect in the drive and put your mind at rest.

If nothing happens in the other PC then you know it could be related to your own computer but try the above first.

You could also disconnect the IDE cable in a first try.

Could be a bad connection of the power plug or IDE cable or power changes from your power supply.

My BenQs were very picky concerning the Molex connection. Try different ones.

what do you mean molex connection?

here’s some test that i did. i initially thought some software issues might be triggering it so i indeed try to disconnect the IDE cable but still the problem was persistent, it keeps opening the tray and closes it afterwards and its doing that very often and it wakes me up when I am sleeping.

do you think its my power supply? if it is so, then shouldnt it affect my harddrive as well? my harddrives seems to be working just fine.

but just to add some background, i used to have Liteon 24x burner and i also had quite a few problems after using it for like 2 months, but it isnt as bad as the one on this benq dvd writer, my liteon wont let my cd tray open, as soon as i hit the eject button, it closes right away so I had to be quick, but thats the only problem, that liteon drive doesnt open by itself and it ejects when I hit the eject button.

I had a oem toshiba drive in my old hp pavilion that did the same thing. The drive just started opening all by itself one day. I called hp and they told me to remove it at once because it could cause a fire or something. They sent me a replacement and eveything was fine.

The molex is the white plug that connect the power supply to the drive.

This is what I will try tomorrow.

I went to Benq service center in my country and they said they still dont support 1625 as its fairly new but they did take a look at the drive. They changed the rubber on the front side of the burner and it did work, well at least for 5 mins of my stay there. Then when I plugged it back to my pc, it was ok for the first 10 to 15 mins then started opening the tray again by itself and there goes the same problem, opens and closes the tray continuously.

I really dont understand. Anyways, if its my pc, what can possibly be wrong with my pc? nothing is wrong with my pc as far as I know.