My 1625 died and newegg is giving me full credit! What to buy now?

Hi all!
My 1625 just died and while it was like 5 months old, I contacted newegg and they asked me to send it for RMA. I did and they told me it was discontinued so they will me refund me the money I paid for it ($85)! Newegg really rocks! Now, i was reading about the 1655 and was thinking on getting that one but I am afraid its going to die again. Do you think I got bad luck with the 1625 or is BenQ this unreliable? That was my first Benq product and compared to my liteons which seem to go on forever, I was dissapointed.
Any thoughts?

Get Lite-ON SH-16H5S or LG 4167B :iagree:

Do you mean SHM-165H6S?


I would go with the BenQ 1655 - the users are quite positive about this unit-

The 1620/1625 series seemed to be trouble prone over their users experiences (mine included)-


So is the retail worth the extra $10? I read the other thread but there is no conclusion yet. I wouldnt mind saving $10 but I dont want another bad quality drive so if the OEM is of lesser quality build then I rather buy retail…then again, my 1625 was retail.


I have always gone the OEM route - unless the retail was equal or less cost-

With BenQ retail - you get the HUGE BenQ logo on the left hand side - something that I would rather not have-


I think I am getting the 1655 then.

leave it to newegg… to make the customer happy