My 1620 pro stopped working but

I dont understand this.
WHen i Power on computer, the drive dosent led up… I cant eject it at all. No responds. If I fire up a dvd program, I can see the 1620 device, but if i try eject it with software nothing happends. There is a disc in drive, my burning programs report the drive as not ready… So, the drive dont read the disc, the led is not working, i cant eject it, but the computer find the drive …

So i tried to flash the drive in this condition, and guess what, THAT worked.
During flashing the led was flashing again. I rebooted, still cant use eject button, still no led when booting, still not working.

What can be wrong???

I tried change power cables too, but didnt work.
No more benq, this is second 1620 that fucks up for me. Horrible!

EsspeN, I had almost the EXACT same problem a few months back on my old DW1620. See this thread…and my conclusion was that it was a heat problem. Not sure where you live, but due to the weather getting warmer now, it might be related…

i also had the same problem. i sent the drive back to my seller for an exchange and the new one is working fine, for now.


another one bytes the dust :frowning:

No more BENQ for me… Looks like quality control is real bad on these drives.

Anyone care to guess whether December 2004 would be affected to? Indeed any of yous have ones from that batch??

And my Drawer wont stay closed .
I just installed it for the First Time.
(10 Time’s Today) SHUT THE DAMN DRAWER !!!
I am not comfortable Flashing . But
If Someone Know’s a Better way too
Get My LED Up When I Boot ? (()//////D~
Beep,Buzz,Page,Fax Me .