My 1620 doesn't read low quality media very well

I had my old home videos transferred to DVD about a year ago… Apparently, they used a low quality media since they play fairly well on my JVC and my laptop but skips and freezes on my older standalone players. Now, I’m trying to back them up with my 1620 using DVD DEcrypter and Clone DVD, but they also stop near the end.

Is there something wrong with my BenQ? Is there a way to improve its reading? I have tried different fw versions and I get the same result. I can’t rma the drive since imy friend bought it for me in Taiwan when he went there a few months ago…

Try setting the read speed down to as low as you can. As its a home movie it wont be copy protected so you might be better off using Nero (if you have it) to make a copy, set the number of retries to something like 10 and read speed down to 1x/2.4x.

Only other thing to try if that doesnt help is reading it in with another drive (maybe a friends if you havent got one).

While the Benq is in fact an excellent reader of crap/damaged media it cannot work miracles. The data at the end may in fact be damaged beyond recovery (the price most people pay for using poor media, but dont find out about until its too late).

What is the media code of the problem discs???

Use DVDDecryptor in All-File mode. In the preferences, set ignore errors=on and set the software/hardware retries to 1. Next, reauthor the DVD by a method which uses transcoding (takes hours, but reformats the video files). Nerovision is up to this job. You will be able to cut out the bad spot of the movie while retaining 99% of it.

Does your BenQ play a commercial movie? If so, there’s probably nothing wrong with it.

If you need to RMA the BenQ, check the manufacture date tag on the back. If it is less than a year between then and now, then you can RMA the drive with no problems.

The discs they used are so crappy they don’t even have a recognisable media code!

My BenQ plays most movies so I guess it’s really the media. What’s bothering me is that my Laptop can play the discs without problem. Haven’t tried actually copying the video to the HD. Guess I’ll try it later…


I would try IsoBuster. It is designed for data recovery among other things and does an excellent job.

Also try using Nero’s drivespeed (downloadable from to slow the BenQ down to a mimimum.

Or, in your case, do that with your laptop.
Using a crossover cable, create a small peer-to-peer network between the laptop and the PC containing the BenQ.
Create a folder on the PC’s drive and (right click) network-SHARE it.
On the Laptop, navigate into Network Neighborhood and find that folder that is located on the PC.
From the Laptop, assign that network location (the network-shared folder onboard the PC)–assign it a drive letter so you can access it easily. Perhaps “Drive T”
From the Laptop, put in the home videos and rip (read) them directly into the PC by choosing that network destination as the target for the movie files (save to “Drive T”).

Well, then you’re home free to copy those movies from your laptop, into your PC.

Since they skip, I would recommend using Nerovision to edit out any problems and transcode. This will stop the skipping problem. From there, you can burn the newly transcoded videos to your BenQ.

You may wish to use Ritek media.
Creating a second, backup copy of the home movies is a great idea too.
Avoid inkjet printable medias because they are prone to malfunction later.

Best of luck!
I’m off to check out (play with) ISO buster.

I’m looking forward to your assessment on it’s capacity in recovering data in spite of

  • mastering errors
  • format errors
  • corrupted disks blocks

Thx for sharing once more on topics of interest

Thanks for youe tips. Will try them when I have time…