My 160GB Hard drive is showing as 127GB Help?

I’m sorry I’m new to computer but I just installed a western digital 160GB hard drive and is showing as 127GB,I think I need to get patches for it but the problem is how and can I just get the patch and the space will automaticly increase? Please Help!!!

You might also have to upgrade your motherboards bios version to the latest, apart from the OS 48-bit LBA settings

If you are using Windows XP then install Windows XP SP1 or SP2. This will fix this problem.

Ben :slight_smile:

And the space will probably not just get added to any exicting partition but rather as unpartitioned space on the disk.

Thanks guys i’ll prob try sp1 or sp2 method.

THANK U :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

tried the sp1 n now it shows 148 for the 160GB rather than 127,but I still dont think is normal so can anyone give tips for instructions for the motherboard BIOS?

149 is about what it should be showing, so it is normal :slight_smile:

Looks like we all had this problem with our 160gb (or above) HDDs :wink:
Yep, u use one of the service packs 1or2. But for future use, ie format etc, ull need to Slipstream (Intregated) ur copy of XP with SP1 or SP2. it can be done fairly easily by reading the guides below…
Slipstream xp with SP1
Slipstream XP with SP2

If u now have a 127gb and a 25gb partition, ull need to use a partition manager to join both partitions. Or next time u format, be sure to have a Slipstream copy of XP, and fdisk/create a new partition…sasarchiver

PS 149gb is about right. u dont get exactly 160gb :frowning: mine is 152gb, a 127 and a 25.37gb partition.

A sales gig is 1000 megs
A computer gig is 1024 megs

Your computer will never show the sales gig size just the computer size