My 107 Sucks!

Ok firstly it started to crash/coaster my discs (tried GO5 and that Fuji Datawrite grey 8x dye too) at the 6x to 8x step up at 641.56MB, it did this about 1 in 5 discs. Now it has started to do this to 4 out of 5 discs and half of the discs now give me a Power Calbration Error (PCEs) when I try to write to them, if I put the disc back in after ejecting it, half of thetime it will start to write, but then gets to 641.56MB most of the time and crashes.

Ive tried all different firmwares, from 1.10 and all the way upto 1.18, i had cracked 1.10 but ive used official 1.13 onwards. When it started coasting 4 out of 5 discs i was using 1.16, ive upgraded to 1.18 yesterday, and it seems to have reduced the rate to 3 to 5, but its still giving me PCEs half the time, thinking of getting a 2510A now, ive done about 500 burns on this drive, guess its just come to the end of its life? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: BIG TIME :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Neminator that really sucks! Fortunatley mine is still working excellently! Isnt yours under warranty? how long have you had it? I believe its a faulty drive!

It is under warrenty, but I had cracked 1.10FW and ive heard pioneer can tell the firmware history of the drive?

I highly doubt that! Leave the orignal firmware youahve now. make sure u have the genuine kernal aswell. Where did you buy it from. I would say return and tryto geta sawp or something. Its worh a try man you never know. You might get a working Pioneer and that way you will be happy man. Try before buying a new burner whathave you got to lose

I have never touched the kernal, only ever the firmware. Also can they tell how many burns it has done, I was suprised when I took my printer in for repair a month or so ago and the guy told me what id been printing on it and how many prints id done :eek:

[QUOTE]told me what id been printing on it and how many prints id done [QUOTE]

Now that is really wiered!

If you have had the hacked firmware i think your kernal might have been changed not sure though

Where did you buy the burner from? Was it a local shop?

If it is just ask for a swap

It doesnt matter how man burns its done the point is that you have it under warranty!

Ya it is a local shop, I always have to smile when I walk in, ppl are buying 20 inks cartridges, 1000 Orange Bulkpaqs, etc etc lol

If you’re concerned, why not just flash the firmware to a standard nonhacked one?

Your drive is a wrong’un by the sounds of it my 107 with untouched official 1.13 firm is burning fuji’s @ x6 and producing sub 5 min read times in a toshiba 1712 :bow: