My 107 pioneer was replaced with 108?

I loved the 107 i had, but had a problem with it and it was under warranty which was replaced with the new model 108 pioneer.
My problem is,can i still burn 6x or 8x with ritek G04 dics.I did have the 1.13 firmware in the 107 which worked great.I now this drive(108)burns DL and is a 16x burner but can i burn 6x or 8x with my ritek Go4 disc or is there a updated firmware that would help me.
Cheers Glen

I replaced my 107 with a 108, and no regrets so far.
Have a look at this thread and look at FAQ1 for 16x 4 all only on dvd-r as yet and dvrflash for windows only too. Both beta versions
Dont forget to use dvrflash v2

Ok thanks for that .It looks great if i can work out how to flash my 108 with the v 2.When i flashed my 107 it had a Mdos flasher with the DL.I,m just not sure how to flash it throgh command prmpt<< <<Any help with this would be much appriceated :confused:
Cheers Glen

have you got command prompt tool installed? If not , download and install from here
Once installed, R click on the folder that contains the firmware and the dvrflash v2
select"open command window here". It will open a command window.
Type in DVRFlash.exe -v F: R8100108.106 ( where F is the drive letter of the 108 you want to flash). Then follow the prompts as per dvr flash 1.2
Job Done.
Let us know if you have any problems

Thank you very much i burn at 8x speed OK now I would love to shot you a BEER but would prefer to burn at 6x, as it does not kick in at 8x until 385Meg ( pioneer Record Now 4.5) :o .The px engine i got does not have 6x though only 4x then jumps to 8x speed can you point me in the derection of a PX engine that has this speed.Once again thank you

I don’t know anything about that sorry.
You will have to search the threads or google for it.

Is this want you want. I found it loisted in Flash’s repositary.
Look at bottom link

Who replaced it with a 108, the store or the factory.

Yep, that sounds interesting. An answer would be nice.