My 1000th Post


CD Freaks Die Hard!!!


Not as good as Chriso’s, but at least I ain’t considered a rookie!! :a

I missed my 1000th post. I wonder what it was? So now I’m waiting for my 1567th post to celebrate that.

What, what will 1567 posts get you? I’m waiting for whatever post count so I can access the title changing option.

Nothing. It’s simply a number to celebrate.

I’m waiting for whatever post count so I can access the title changing option

I am pretty sure it dosn’t exist to normal users. Only Admins upwards can change your title to something unstandard.

what’s over admins? admins are the highest rank…


Management? There’s no management… except OC Freak w/ his Sr. Admin. Who out ranks OC Freak?

I guess the person with the highest rank is the person who can unplug the server and the cdfreaks forum is running on :wink:

Anyway Chriso congratulation, hope too see you at 2000 :slight_smile:

:bow: :bow: w00t, w00t, w00t :bow: :bow:

Congratulations Chriso, hopefully you’ll stay until your 100.000 post! :bigsmile:

I think Domi and MP|3 would hve somthing to say about that.

He, I celebrated my 1000th in the quiet sector of the Longest Thread.:slight_smile:

Congrats Chriso:D:D:D

1000th post. Gee cant remember that long… Nice title aint it Chris? :slight_smile:

You are very right about that :slight_smile:

Yeah, been stuck on Senior Member for ages!!:iagree:

Maybe your title’s trying to tell you something.

Way to go Womble!


I think I’ll celebrate 4169 next! :smiley:

LOL you got a point there Ssseth. My Next celebration will be at post 666 :bigsmile:
It’ll probably take some time though. :a

funny how people like titles with DIE in it…lol

congrats :bow:

LOL can’t wait to be a CD Freak.