My 1000th post :)

Hey guys,
No tricks, no false claims… Just a little thread saying: FINALLY GOT 1000 POSTS!!! :bigsmile: On a calmer note I want to say thanks to all the people that offered help over the time I have been here. I have met alot of new and ‘interesting’ (i.e. or just plain mad!) people here.

Thanks again,





did any of those posts have to do with gummi bears? :confused:

Lol no, S_S likes them tho :wink:


Put a gummy bear in a glass of water and wait for 24 hours… that will give you a nice result :smiley:

Congratz virushack on this super awe-some achievement :smiley:

Congrats VH, and also for the 65 referrals. :wink:

what are referrals? Are those good or bad? :confused:

gummy bears are best eaten… when
you first lick the back…and
stick them on your partners skin…anywhere…
let them dry
and then just eat them with out using your fingers…:wink:

way to go on the 1000th post baby!

congrats…welcome to the die hard group!!

Doesn’t she ^ just have the BEST imagination - eh?


You need nearly 9K more posts for that. :bigsmile:

Congrats VirusHack.

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soon i’ll be like you too :slight_smile:

yo, congrats VH - I’ll be ther even sooner… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you planning to write a nice “Thank you xxxx” post?

xxxx, fill in every name you want to thank. :stuck_out_tongue:

You need nearly 9K more posts for that.

ain’t i already in?? :D…it said’s it there? or is it accordin to your eyes?

Kenshin meant that you need 10K posts before you belong to the die hard group. :slight_smile:


Namoh’s much closer with less than 1,000 posts to go! :slight_smile: