MXLRG03 made by Taiyo Yuden?!?!?

There is a fairly new packaging of Maxell 8x DVD-R for the Japanese market. Seeing it on websites I assumed it was regular MIJ MXLRG03, however upon seeing thia@9’s tests of the media and reading his description, I found out it is anything but regular. Apparently this MXLRG03 is manufactured by Taiyo Yuden as it has a TY-esque stamper code of GX005010. It’s not known if it actually uses Maxell’s dye or TY’s, and it doesn’t seem to be that great either. Who knows what’s going on.

Deffinately looks like a TY made stamper, but with no serial codes it’s a bit odd. Normally Maxell manufacturing equipment leaves serial numbers in the plastic hub, but the stamper code is impossible to see without seperating the layers. TY on the other hand usually has both quite visibly.

So did TY actually handle production of the media as well as the stamper?

Wow, that means TY becoming an ODM similar to Ritek? :smiley:

Would that make Maxell product and OEM TiTek product then? :wink:

LOL :bigsmile:

Some of the results look quite nice though (I say this in the absence of TRTs). Equally though, some look horrendous. :wink: