MXL RG04: the American myth? Not quite

A fellow freak mentioned somewhere that MXL RG04 can be found at Walgreens in the US, and (s)he was spot on.

Last night, I remembered hearing that, so I stopped in at the local wall. I saw two 10 packs of 16X Maxell DVD-R w/slim JC’s on clearance for $7.74/pk. The packaging was identical to the Taiwanese discs with one difference: a Made in Japan sticker was placed over the Made in Taiwan part of the standard packaging. I’d seen this before, and these kinds of stickers have yet to tell a lie, so I bought both.

After rushing home in anticipation, I popped one in, and lo and behold, they were identified as MXL RG04. Immediately, I ran an all-in-one PTPXL test on my PX-760A. PTPXL saves the graphs as JPEG’s, so I cannot upload them here. Fortunately, I’ve got some webspace, so check out the results here. I also scanned that same burn on my LH-20A1H. The scan is attached.

All in all, MXL RG04 isn’t really worth getting too worked up about. People say that Maxell fixed the bonding issues present in MXL RG03 with MXL RG04, but that does not appear to be the case. Several already have air bubbles in the hub, but there’s nothing affecting the dye as of yet, though. The hub bubbles make it incredibly difficult to read the hub code, but I read it as MJ4L024B.

If anyone’s looking for MXL RG04, check out Walgreens, like I said. Since I don’t know if the presence of these discs is locationally variable, I’m in the midwest for reference.

Offtopic: is there any way to batch convert these JPEG’s to PNG’s with reasonable quality for throughput’s sake?

yes, i got a few from Walgreens as well

amazing disc

I’ve checked all of the CVS, Walgreens and Wal-Marts in my vicinity and beyond, and have found no MXLRG04 :frowning:

when i bought 20x lite-on tried one of my RG04s in that POS, and lite-on totally butchered the disc. after seeing what that piece of shit lite-on did to my ultra rare disc.

it went back to store the same day

BenQ and Pioneer burns RG04 with amazing quality

same in here northeast US I only got 30pc sony music CD-R MIJ ( TY media )
from Walgreen.

I bought up all 3 of the last packs of MXL RG04 in the local Wilkos where I live. Glad I did - it’s all RITEKF1 Maxell now :a

The only MXLRG04 I ever possessed came from the UK via ebay :a You guys are lucky that managed to find some locally.