MXL RG03 or MAXELL 002?


I’m just wondering which is superior, MXL RG03 (8X DVD-R) or MAXELL 002 (8X DVD+R) with a Benq 1620. Here in Canada I can get 100 MXL RG03 for $40 CDN or 50 MAXELL 002 for $25 CDN, and i’m wondering if it’s worth paying the extra money for DVD+R.




I bought 4 100 DVD-R spindles, so now i’m just wondering if it’s worth picking up a DVD+R spindle too. Are they much better, if at all?

Hi. I’m in Canada, too, and thus far I’ve only used MXL RG03, and they burn very well for me. I don’t think it matters personally because -R should work fine in your DVD players. I have three — Philips DVP 642, Nova DV-D311, and Panasonic RV31-CA — and each plays MXL RG03 just fine.



Compatibility isn’t really an issue for me… I just want the best quality. :slight_smile: I’ve always been a +R guy, but I decided they weren’t worth the extra money.

Having not tested MAXELL002 personally, I can’t give a definitive answer; however, it would be safe to say, in my opinion, that if you buy MIJ media, it will all be of pretty high quality. So I don’t think you shoulkd worry about it.


  • Jie

I didnt know maxell made their own media the maxell media i have have bought 1 - 4x +R with HGX stamper technology are Tuyo yuden media.

I hope this helps
A burn this one at @8 with my Benq 1620

Despite what Ma Jie says the -R media doesnt burn as well in the 1620 as the +R.

Is it signifigantly worse?

Here´s is the -r scan
For me both are good but i prefer +r

Wow, that MXL RG03 scan is pretty ugly. I guess I might pick up a spindle of MAXELL 002 for comparison. Thanks to all who replied.


That Maxell RG03 -R that Osiris_Strife posted looks good to me i dont see why you say it looks crap, its a very good burn, indeed.

I agree with Quakester. Most of my burns are like that: in the 96% range and well within the accepted scan standards for PIEs and PIFs.

boobytrap has stated thar +R actually burns well, and leaving aside the fact that he does not subtantiate his claim with scans, if it does indeed burn better, the difference between it and a -R disc is likely minor — there’s nothing wrong with a 96-97 quality score using an RG03.

  • Jie

I guess i’m a little concerned about the average PIF. When you’re used to TY like this, that’s alot of PIF.

All +rs Ive had burn at 97-98% while the -Rs are closer to 95-90% or so. Thats enough of a difference to not buy one over the other. Even if it was 97 or 98% why buy -r?

price :wink:

boobytrap: the price difference vis-a-vis quality difference was the whole point of this thread. In addition, your thinking regarding buying -R is certainly deficient: if you can get 97-98% quality score, equal to +R, why wouldn’t you buy it? If they achieve the same, or extremely similar results, there is no advantage to buying +R for its supposedly superior burn quality.

  • Jie

According to my limited test few weeks ago, Maxell002 is “slightly better” than MXLRG03. It’s probably due to disk variation within spindle. In my opinion, both media are OK.

MAXELL002 (Maxell) DVD+R 8x
Burned @12x: link, 5:49 mins, QS=97%, mPIE=14, mPIF=6

MXL RG03 (Maxell) DVD-R 8x
Burned @12x: link, 6:37 mins, QS=95%, mPIE=53, mPIF=8

Remember the PI errors can be as high as 280 and still be within standard and the PI Failures can be as high as 8 and still be in standard. All the burns i have seen so far in this topic look very good indeed so i wouldnt worry.

The price is the same for both everywhere Ive seen.