MXL RG03 2X on 811S, whats easiest way to make it 4X?

What will be the best and simplest way to get my burner to burn these at 4X???
I see there is hacked firmware or poss Omnipatcher??? Which would give better results.
My burner is 811S HSOR

burning @4x will probably give bad results…

but you can try it. just download onmipatcher, load the firmware, enable 4x writing with this mediacode, save the new fw and apply it.

This is good MIJ media, how can I get my burner to burn at 4X with good results???
Should I try the hacked firmware instead?

OK, I flashed the hacked Firmware and also tried Omnipatcher but the problem is this media code is not listed on any of the Firmwares??

I consider these MXL RG03 rated at 8X to be top quality media???

Is there any way to get them to burn at 4X on this burner??? Is it possible??

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