MXL RG02 or RG03

i have heard that the Maxell DVD-R coded MXL RG03 are VERY GOOD MEDIA, i have also heard the same for MXL RG02.

anyone know if there is a big difference in quality between these 2. i can get the MXL RG03’s for about $0.50 canadian each while the MXL RG02’s are about $0.73 each.

is it worth the extra $0.23 each disk to get the MXL RG02’s or ar the 03’s about the same.

any input would be appreciated.



RG03 = 8x -R
RG02 = 4x -R

I have some RG03, it was not a great media, but good media.

Maybe it depends on the used DVD-writer

Crap, I meant to vote for 02, but voted for the 03. I’d pay the extra $$ for the 02, Maxell QC has really dropped as of late.

RG02 was what I used exclusively when 4x media was the norm. RG02 was as good as TYG01, IMHO.

RG03 was a bit of a let-down to me. The strength of RG03 is that it burns consistently in all burners I’ve used it in (no coasters - 150+ burns). What I don’t like, is RG03’s high error count totals. I burn TY now.

I’ve burnt about 50 RG03’s on my Pioneer 109 with excellent results. :slight_smile:

Last time I checked, not the slightest sign of degradation (oldest disc was only 6 months old, though :bigsmile: ).

To use in a standalone recorder (without HD), I would still go for RG02 but these are impossible to find at a good price here (only available in retail shops at a ridiculously high price).

As these Maxell discs seem stable, I don’t mind that the scan numbers are not as “top-notch” as with TY.

the RG02 Maxells I found at Wal-Mart, but only a few spindles left (15 pk) and they work out to about .75 each as opposed to .50 each for the RG03, so i’ll probably stick with the RG03. i would love to buy Taiyo Yuden’s but i’m in Winnipeg Canada, and they’re are readily available, i know i can order them from BC websites, but it doesn’t pay after shipping to order them in.

Check Wal-Mart for Made in Japan Sony DVD+R for $25/50. They’re Taiyo Yuden. :slight_smile:

MXL RG02 and RG03 both are decent media. The RG02 actually gives a slightly better burn than the RG03 in my BenQ 1640 at 8X (see attached scans). If you fancy these Maxells, RG02 or 03, better grap as many as you can as new stocks will all be MIT Ritek.
OTH, as RangeRoad mentioned, the new SONY 8X+R stocks in Wal-Mart are MIJ TY T02. Check the stores in Winnepeg and see if they have them yet. They burn extremely well in most burners @12X. I paid $19.77 a 50 spindle on Sat at the Queensborough store here in Vancouver.

i heard the dvd+r media is slight smaller in size than the dvd-r media. some of the dvd’s only fit on a dvd-r.

anyone else ever heard of that, or is it not true?

Do you mean the capacity? -R have ca. 6 MB more space

this is what i ended up doing.

i bought 4 spindles of 50 Maxell DVD-R’s JAPAN (MXL RG03) from Office Depot @ $60.00 each and then bought 4 spindles of 50 Maxell DVD-R’s TAIWAN(??? ???) from Future Shop for $17.99 and returned the TAIWAN ones to Office Depot.

End Result - 200 x MXL RG03 DVD-R’s @ a cost of $0.41 CDN each.

not bad… :iagree:

You naughty, naughty boy!! :cop: LOL :bigsmile: - pretty cool indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s after all taxes too. trust me, you can do that switcharoo with anything, not just blank media.

I think this advice is kinda borderline, according to forum rules… :confused: - I’m personally not shocked :bigsmile:

i don’s see anything morally or leagally wrong with it at all. if all receipts and companies involved do price matching (which they do in this case) it saves the hastle of bringing back the receipt and showing them the flyer, and having the 14year old geeber at the counter try to figure out if it is the same product. ALL THE UPC’s are identical in this case, so what’s the problem. In fact i went back yesterday to grag 100 more MXL RG03’s (DVD-R’s) from office depot and just had them price match the flyer for 17.99.

the fact that companies are selling Maxell DVD’s that are in fact NOT even Maxell DVD’s (the taiwan one’s) makes me want to do it to them even more. i only did it to the place that was selling JAPAN and TAIWAN DVD’s.

no-one is getting ripped off, everything is being paid for, everyone wins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maxell 8x -R Made in Taiwan can be RITEK G05. Bad ones.

that’s why i switched them for JAPAN ones.

Pity it wasn’t FutureShop that got the junk Ritek G05s back in exchange for the real MIJ Maxells. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm I just picked up a 100 pack of Maxell 8x media from Futureshop…

Hope it is not crap !

It’s not like the stores have a choice as to what Maxell supplies them with. If anyone is to blame here, it’s Maxell for selling Ritek media under its brand name.