MXL RG01 Media Purchased From eBay

Hey everyone,

Recently I purchased 500 dvd-r discs from eBay for $125 (AUD). At first I had nothing but trouble in my Lite-On LDW-451S Burner, the media wouldn’t burn, sometimes wouldn’t even be recognised. I came here to try and get some help and found that others had been having problems with this media bought from eBay also. Anyway, it was suggested that this media was fake and was not genuine Maxell product, while I cannot say for sure wether it is genuine or not I can say that my problems were completely the fault of the Lite-On burner, I recently purchased a Pioneer A07-XLA for $99 (AUD) and it has been amazingly good at buring this media, of the 10 discs burned I have had a 100% success rate, while I was able to get a couple of decent burns from the Lite-On I was literally on a basis of 1 good burn to 32.5 bad!! I wasted 65 discs with only 2 decent burns to show for it!

I have included a scan which is the best so far of the discs I have burned in the Pioneer burner, all of the burns are very close to the quality of this one. Also in case it is not obvious, the disc scanned was full right to the rim. :slight_smile: The disc was also scanned in the Lite-On.


The Pioneer has also had its firmware updated to 1.21