Mx revolution 70$, 50$ ar @ newegg

I think there are a few of you out there looking for a deal on this one. Newegg has the logitech mx revolution mouse for 69.99 plus a 20$ rebate, free shipping. At least that is the price right now (you know how fast there prices change).

a very nice mouse, 7 buttons (wish I have 6 fingers), very responsive and very fast

If thats a little pricey for you, they have a mx610 at bestbuy for 30$, but it heavy ymmv as far as availability. They are still available online at that price but you have to pay shipping. I already had two but got another when I saw the price (bought in store). I had them look as I have a friend interested in a laser mouse, and there were four stores in Texas (looked like a couple hundred mile search from the dfw area) that still had them (so they are running out). This is the mouse that made me give up optical mice and swear on logitech laser mice forever. I dont care about all the extra features, I care about a mouse that tracks perfectlly on any surface and just functions well. It works slick as hell on my desktop with no mouse pad, and I have tired other things like a box, piece of card board, piece of paper (since it seems to have at least a 20 ft range) and everything works great. They do have the newer model (mx620) with beter scroll wheel, search button, and beter battery life (they claim 1 year, the 610 gets a couple months on a set of rechargable aa’s, and frankly, nimh kind of drain down by themselves much past that). Its 46$ (maybe cheaper if you find a coupon, check the next weeks ads post for a coupon, and dont use fireofox, use internet exploder or the coupon wont open). Fyi, bestbuy has all logitech mice on sale, but only a few are worth looking at price wise. They have this same mx revolution for 96$ on sale or something like that).