Mwave Coupon codes?

Does anybody have any discount codes for Mwave, I am about to order some
computer items from them and I can’t seem to find any around.
Thanks, Budzos

How did you get the impression that Mwave has discount coupon, I ahave bought quiite few item from them but never heard that they offer any discount coupon.

I read about somebody subscribing to there newsletter/sales flyer and getting a one time
use 10% off coupon by email. I figured I might as well look around since I am going to be
buying from them. I could not find a link to subscribe to there newsletter/salesflyer or
locate any coupon codes so my post here was a last ditch effort to save a couple of bucks. I have also bought from them in the past without any discounts unfortunately, but i have always been happy with them.

One positive thing about them is that they have customer pickup option although still they charge $5 for it but you can go pick-up your purchase items yourself. As far as their prices concern some time they are comparative with newegg some time not but with small marginal differences.

I like to pick up the item from them because sometimes they have open boxed items at their warehouse for a very good deal. But the 91 freeway sometimes can get jampacked bumper to bumper traffic.

The 91 is pretty far from Mwave. Did you mean the 60?