MW4 BLK Knight Success!



Howdy To all U Freaks out there!
Im a newbe to the site and to Burning CD's. This Site is a Pleasure
to go to,and a Great Help!
Finnaly had a successfull burn of 1 of my favorite games using
CCD,and Clony. I've bought 2 retail copies of NW4 because they get abused and wont boot the game! I made a bunch of coasters using the other 2 Famous Apps.(you know the 2).
2 Ques. Is this game particually hard to burn correctly?
And also, the read took All Night, started abouit 11PM and sometime durring the early AM it finnished.Is this normal? It showed a lot of read errors in the log and was'nt sure if i knew what i was doing.
It only took 5min to burn after that and Success!Thanks to CCD and my Litey 40125S.
Once again,Thanks CD Freaks for great experience at your site!


Isn’t it nice when it all comes together? If you do a search (this site has a great search engine) you’ll find a couple of posts from yours truly concerning MW4 Black Knight. I also had trouble backing it up - until I bought a Liteon 32123s, that is! MW4 uses SD2.5* copy protection but using CCD v3.3.4.1 (also v4) with the Liteon proved effective. It took about 15 mins. to read and approx. 5 mins. to burn. I suspect your read settings were not set to optimum. Read the “stickys” at the top of this forum, there’s a wealth of useful info., it will be time well spent. And use the search function, it really is useful, unlike some I’ve encountered. (And yeah, Black Knight’s great).

Happy burning,


Hey Dik, (sorry that sounds rather offensive)

Thanks for the responce. i found out why it took so long to burn, I was using my unsupported CD reader to make the CD image,i feel like an idiot!Tonite i put the MW4 blk. knight into my Litey and it only took 10min. to create an image file! So im making mistakes but learning.
thanks again for your input!
see u on the Battle grounds,
janh aka sinister midget.