MVP Baseball 2005 burning problem



A-Ray said it was Safedisc 2/3…copied with CloneCD, but the copy begins the startup process, but stalls before the game gets loaded. When I eject the backup copy, I get the message “CD/DVD emualtion software…detected. Please disable…” I’m sure you’ve seen it before. I ran A-Ray on the backup and it says Safedisc 4.00. Any ideas?

I’m still a newbie at this. but I’ve been trying to read up on this whole process as much as possible. I also tried it with Alcohol with the same results.


So Use CloneCD the blacklist for this protection was removed.
Set on the Emulation in CloneCD Tray on “Hide CDR Media”
Maybe an other emulator caused this problem: Deinstall all other Emulators.