Mv2 file to dvd

i dycripted a dvd and was left with a mv2 file, VOB, IFO, and a couple of txt files in a VIDEO_TS folder. how to i get the files back to dvd? What are the steps and does anyone know a free program, only cause i need to use it just once for this dvd.

Please list exactly the full filenames that you got after decrypting…

You could save a lot of time by doing it again, this time but ripping as a single ISO file.

im not sre what you mean by saying i can save time by doing it again? i had the dvd, i decrypted it to my computer, trying to add subtitles to it, after that i lost the dvd and only have the decrypted backup on my hdd, and would like to get it back to regular dvd or divx, what ever is easier.

the files i have are

“MOVIE” FILE> VIDEO_TS>and inside the VIDEO_TS folder::

Is this whole DVD?
It looks like it is only one VTS, VTS12, where is rest of it VTS_01 to VTS_11?
Did it have sound?
It looks like you used DVD Lab, that is your demuxed file with “r” on it, there is no demuxed audio.

Yes we could also do with a screenshot where Explorer is set to “Details” so all the filesizes are visible. The demuxed video might be from that .VOB file.

here is a screen shot with the details. i wouldnt go through all this trouble, but i dont have the original dvd anymore, this is all i have.

the reason i have these file is that this was the first step in like 5 steps to install subtitle in a dvd. i havnt done that in a year so have no clue on the steps anymore or which software i used to get it to playable dvd. and yes i did have sound, but not in one single file, one was just video, and one other file was just sound.

Do you have DVDLab?
If so load VTS_12_1 video file and VTS_12_1.VOB files into asset bin. VTS_12.VOB looks like sound file.
If it is, DVDLab will report it as AC3 or whatever it was, length of both files should be same, than create menu with play button, drag video and audio files into movie window, connect play button to movie and compile. You should get DVD files ready to burn.