Muvaudio problem

Posting this here as I know there are a fair few who use muvaudio for making protected WMA into mp3s. I’ve been using muvaudio for converting large batches (say 40 tracks) of WMAs into 192kbps mp3s.

I keep running into a problem, where at the very start of tracks, there’s a small click that sounds like a tiny amount of the start of the track, before a half-second silence, before the track starts. It’s a small thing but it’s ruining the flow of converted albums.

I have a pretty decent PC spec and this even occurs when I use muvaudio overnight and am not using the PC for anything else. I’m only converting one tune at a time.

Has anyone else had this same problem, and found a way around it (different settings, different conversion type etc)?


are you using v1.1 or v1.0 of MuvAudio?

In either case you may try going to your control panel then to ‘Sounds and Audio devices’ then to the ‘Sounds’ tab and selecting the sound scheme ‘No sounds’