Mutliple episodes, 1 DVD

hey everyone, i’m new to the forum and new to burning DVDs.

i’ve been using AVI2DVD to convert my divx files to DVD format and burning them with the nero express that came with my burner. so far i’ve been only doing full-length movies with no problems at all.

my question is this: i want to burn multiple episodes of a series onto a single DVD. can i do this? how? do i need new software?

thanks for helping.


If you can add the episodes to the authoring Nero package and you can put them as chapters of the main disc menu, I guess you will be able to play them.
You will need to respect the DVD total capacity, obviously. And add just the version you want to play. If you want keep choices for languages, subtitles or extras it will be a dif matter.

If you want to use avi2dvd you have to do this:

Multiple AVIs can be added together by naming the AVIs all the same followed with 1, 2, 3, etc. For example: TVshow1.avi, TVshow2.avi, etc.

This works fine provided you are adding ten or fewer AVIs together. I haven’t figured out how to add more than ten AVIs using avi2dvd yet. I am converting digital camcorder videos to dvd and I’m running up against this problem.

This is from one of their forum posts. I just did a search for ‘multiple avis’. Personally, i’d use the free version of divxtodvd. It doesn’t allow a menu like avi2dvd, avi2dvd has better encoders; but divxtodvd is faster and simpler. The newer version, which is called Convertxtodvd does create a menu but it’s not free.