Mutli iPhone Conversion (DVDFab on iMac)



Ok, lets get this out of the way, I am using DVDFab on a Mac under VMware in a window, looks like its running on a Mac but of course isnt. Works fine apart from a few issues Ive seen listed here. Ok, now thats out of the way…
One thing that has struck me as odd with the Mobile option ( conversion to iPhone. Why do you have to set each track (in the case of a DVD containing a TV series) with the conversion settings individually?AND why does the profile resolution differ with the track selected?
So, I select iPhone on first track and get 480x368 and for the second, select iphone and get 720x540?
In my opinion, if you select the type of device and profile that should be the end of it UNLESS you tell the software otherwise. All this fuffing around spoils a good piece of software. Of course, I may have missed something, if so pse tell me.

Have written to support but apparently the option I requested isnt supported by the software (sic)