Mutisession with Nero 6

Can anyone tell me how copy data onto a disc, then at a later date copy more data onto the same disc.
When I have tried to do this I can’t access the first lot of data.
I used to be able to do this in an older version of Nero without any problem but have not been able to work it out in Nero 6.
Thanks for any help :bow:

You click on start a new multi-session (on multi-session tab)and, most importantly, make sure the finalise disk option is not selected. Subsequent session, use “continue multi-session”. Only select finalise disk option on last session.

I don’t appear to have a multi-session tab, is this on a different version of Nero?
I am using Nero Oem Suite version

Only select finalise disk option on last session

how do you see ist session if you have finalised the sessions?