Mustek V56L-5E DVD player How To Reboot or remove YUV P-Scan setting

Hello Forum,I’m a newbie
I need your help, I have a Mustek V56L-5E DVD player,I stupidly changed the video output from secam (I think) to YUV/P-SCAN.
In the OSD there were three choices YUV,SECAM (I think) & YUV/P-SCAN,I need to go back to the middle choice, of course I now can’t see the OSD as I don’t have a compatible TV so I need someone to either tell me how to reboot the machine so it goes back to its default setting which I’m hoping is secam, or to tell me the correct sequence of button pushes required in the settings menu that would get me out of YUV/P-SCAN mode remembering I cannot see the onscreen display.

TIA & feel free to berate over ignoring warning dialogs :wink:
Tanya Moss


I was getting to the stage of breaking open the box and looking for the battery supplying the the system memory but thought I better have a look first if it was still in warranty as this was my little brothers dvd I’m messing with,while looking for the warranty/receipt we found a slip of paper that must of been shoved in the manual as an after thought and which had subsequently come out. I had already examined the manual and although being nearly as thick as war & peace it contained only a few pages in english none of which were very illuminating apart from the fact that some languages consume more of the worlds trees in the production of manuals than others.
Ok back to that slip of paper, it was a eureka moment, I’ll reprint the contents here.

[li] About VIDEO OUTPUT setting
[/li] If you choose “YUV P-SCAN” as the video output setting ,make sure your TV supports YUV P-SCAN input feature & the YUV cable is properly connected to the TV & DVD player.

[li] Troubleshooting
[/li] What if the screen turns black while operating … (b.t.w. mine never did just the fast moving diagonal lines)

(Only if your TVset doesn’t support YUV P-Scan input feature will this above problem happen.)
Step1: Close this DVD player. (make sure there is no disc inside it)
Step2: Press CLEAR button on the remote control,and the system will reset to the default setting.

B.T.W. the three settings were s-video ,YUV & YUV P-Scan so the middle one wouldn’t of helped me much anyhow!

I hope my rant can help someone else.

Hugs & kisses