Mustek Scanner & Winxp

Can anyone help?
I have recently installed Winxp and now my scanner software isnt recognised.
I have a Mustek Scanmagik 1200 UB scanner and I have tried Win 2K drivers and Winxp wont install them either.
Anyone got the same problem and found a solution?

Hi Macs

Do the following

  1. start regedit

  2. about HKLM/software/Microsoft/Windows NT/current version

change the key “product name”
from Microsoft Windows XP
into Microsoft Windows 2000

  1. install the Mustek driver for Windows 2000

  2. undo the changes in the registry.

DONT!!! reboot untill you have changed the product key back to windows 2000.
It works fine i have the 1200 CU on XP Pro.
The guys from Mustec tech support sent it to me. Top Men All.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I’ll try it straight away and let you nkow how I get on

Finally !

Got my old 12000SP Mustek scanner working under XP…


Muchas Gracias !!

That’s an interesting solution. I have a scanner that they won’t support W2k, but do support WXP. Wonder if I can get it to work in reverse?

Funny thing is, they do support NT4.