Mustek launch swivel portable DVD player

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This is kind of cool. At Pocket Lint, we can read that Mustek is offering a portable, progressive scan DVD player, that not only folds into a tablet shape for handy viewing, but it…

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Good find Crabby!I’ve been thinking about getting one of these to play my ‘Legally’ Aquired Divx/Xvids :wink: Either the Mustek or the Initial IDM-1250

You know, I might get one of these or even the one you mention. It would be nice to have on trips and a guy could probably use a DVD loaded with MP3’s for music. Now, if the darn things could play RatDVD files, you could carry a lot of entertainment on 2 discs. :d I hate rebates, but check out this Office Depot Deal for a Mustek @160 dollars shipped. Edit: DRAT!! It’s expired already.
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Bummer. Still too expensive. I’m waiting for a ~ $ 100 US portable player with mpeg4/DivX/XviD capability. It’s nice to be able to fit a season of a TV show on one disc.

even xbmp dont support ratdvd… nor does anything on PC very well, as a container its pretty good, but as a format it pretty sucks