MUST READ BEFORE POSTING...Guidelines for posting

Welcome to the all-new media testing forums!
This is very much a work in progress, so please check back here regularly as things are apt to change. The existing media test threads will gradually be split, copied and moved into the appropriate new threads.

What’s this about?
We have an idea of creating a database of media tests that you can peruse and search, that is based on the media manufacturer and ATIP. This means that the structure of each thread and post must be consistant and accessable by the search function, so that users can find what they’re looking for.
This will require a lot of moderating by myself and OC-Freak to ensure that it works as advertised. Please do not be offended if your post is edited, moved, or even deleted, it is done in the spirit of making this work really well.

Guidelines for posting media tests:

1) There will be threads for each media manufacturer, TY, RiTEK, CMC, etc. Before posting, you must have your media’s ATIP information, and post in the appropriate thread for that media maker. (not the brand name!) If there is no thread for that maker, create one! Posting by the media brand, (Fuji, Memorex, etc.), will not be permitted in the main test threads, but may be discussed in other threads in the main media forum. You should, however, mention in the post what brand the media was sold under to facilitate searches. Post only one test per post please! Testing should always be done in the same drive your media was burned in if possible.
2) The subject of your post must include the media maker, speed rating and the speed it was burned at.
3) The first line in the post must include the drive model used for burning, and firmware version. Also the size of the burn in MB.
4) Next you should post the ATIP, copied from SmartBurn or other equivalent ATIP checker utility. Follow this with any relevant information like whether the burn was completed at full speed or if the drive slowed to complete the burn. Any other comments can go next as well. Be sure to mention the brand name the media was sold under.
5) Finally post an image of the error scan. In order to keep the size of the image to a minumum, we strongly suggest saving it in “.png” or “.gif” format. You must have a web host that allows linking for image posting to function, attaching the image file to your post will also work. If you are not able to post and link an image, you can contact me or OC-Freak about keeping your image on our server. Posts that have broken image links will be deleted. You may also simply post a text summary of the error scan.

Please consult the Media FAQ to learn how to identify your media ATIP and maker.

CDRW media is to be posted in threads marked for CDRW. ie: There is a thread for “ritek” and a thread for “ritek CDRW”.

Next I will post an example of how these posts need to be formatted

LTR-52327S, F/W QS0A, 700MB
This Disc is designed for CD-RW/COMBO Drive Only.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Cyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 24s 01f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = Taiyoyuden,DX Dye
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 52X

Burn completed at full speed. Sold as generic bulk TY, white printable.

Feel free to use this thread for discussions of the posting format or other relevant forum activities. We will be trying to keep the test threads free of discussions to keep them more managable, so discussions in the test threads will be deleted fairly soon after they are completed.

Just to clarify, the accepted format for test posts is this:

subject: Media maker, rated speed, burn speed

  1. drive model, firmware, burn size
    2) ATIP
    3) brand name/speed of media, comments,
    4) scan results

The reason for this rather strick inforcement will be apparent after you do a few searches for a test. there will soon be a sticky thread on how to search the tests, but if you do a search by posts (rather than by threads), you will quickly see why this format works. Also keep in mind that the search engine can not read images, the info has to be in text format to be searchable.

thanks for your patience, this is a lot of work to set up and maintain, but the results will be worth it!

Please do not post multiple scans of the same media.
Have a look at the thread before you post, if someone else has posted a similar scan, does your scan add any information that was not already provided?
Posting multiple scans of the same media does not really contribute to the database. Similarly, posting scans at varrying read speeds, on the same media or disc, does not really provide much information. An exception might be posting media that is burned and/or read with newer firmware than a previous posted scan, if the results are remarkably different.

Scanning (read) speeds.
It’s most usefull if scanning speed is consistant throughout the forums. For CDR/RW scans, 40x seems to be a happy medium that provides a good scan and eliminates some of the specific idiosyncracies of a particular drive and disc. If a disc will not scan well at 40x, then it can be considered to have failed the test, however, occasionally there is a disc that will scan well at lower speeds, but not at higher. In this case, a lower scan is appropriate as long as it is disclosed that it failed the higher speed scanning. Scanning at lower speeds, when the disc will successfully scan at high speed, provides information that might be misleading to the casual visitor.