Must I?- write 16x on 16 speed DVDs

Almost bought some 16 spped DVD blank media today, but it had a warning on the pack stating that if it isn’t used ina DVD writer that can handle 16X then it could cause problems in the drive and DVD.

Is this true? Can I not just set it at 4X or 16x (my DVD writers maximum). The DVD writer is Sony DVD RW DW-U18A. Don’t fancy risking upgrading the firmware, just would like to write on 16x discs at 4 or 8x.

is it OK?

many thanks


you can but it is not recommended.
it is better to burn 16x media at 12x or 8x slowest.
16x media is designed to be burned at high speeds, burning at low speeds will usually give poor results (burn qulity wise).

Usually burning high speed certified DVD at a low speed give bad results.

The best results with 16x media usually can be obtained burning @12x or @16x.

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And by updating the firmware I can update the speed to 16 speed?

I like to burn my 16x media at 12x, I seem to get a nice balance between quality and speed. :slight_smile:

I think your burner is an 8x one? In that case, you might get away with burning them at 8x (I have some MCC004 and CMC MAG. M01 that do OK at 8x in my external drive).

There’s also the question of whether 16x media is even supported in your drive’s firmware (since everything I can find on that drive suggests it’s an 8x burner, tops)…you might end up with a default speed of 2.4x or something.


usually not. firmware updates that increase burning speeds are known but not common.
what is the max burning speed of your drive for DVD+R/DVD-R ?

Your drive is a 8x burner. With a firmware update it will remain a 8x burner. I don’t think that a firmware can make you burn these discs @16x; maybe @12x, but I have no idea if such a firmware exists

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thks all, I’ll buy 8x DVD instead. Better to be safe than sorry!!!

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Hi John, The lack of firmware support for newer 16X speed discs in older non-16X speed burners is THE reason for that warning on the package. Each blank disc type has a unique identifying code (or Manufacturer ID) which must be included in the burner’s firmware, in combination with an appropriate write strategy for successful burning. So it’s not a matter of speed but of firmware. You can easily burn those 16X discs at 8X or even lower (it’s the firmware that provides the burn speeds available to you for each MID by the way).

With this background in mind you may want to reconsider updating your drive’s firmware, as I seriously doubt you’ll be able to still find 8X discs that are included in your old firmware. You can also check this thread, which concerns the same drive model as yours. :slight_smile:

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