Musicvideos wanted!



Can anybody publish (or give links to) the videoclip of
DJ Jurgen - Higher and higher
Scoop - Rock the house.

if to be published 5-7 Mb/min should do it fine.

Thnx in advance, Flappie666



I captured Scoop Rock The House last week from TMF. Quality is pretty good (file is still 30MB though). I could make it smaller (loss of quality), but you’ll have to let me know how I can get it to you. (I only hace cable at university, so I could send it to you through MIRC (dcc). Mail me if you have another idea.




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Dear Wannes,

ins’t it possible to make it 15-20 MB and post in on Free-drive / I-drive / other fast server. I only have a 33k6 modem and not doing MIRC. Or you should send it to my emailadress at hotmail in parts of 1 mb each, but that sucks. Please post in on a server and drop a message here.
Thnx, flappie

(BTW; your university is Universiteit Twente I guess)


Hi Flappie,

No, my University is not in Twente; I live in Belgium and it’s the university in Leuven.

Well yea, that seems to be a problem. At university, we have cable, so using mIRC for exchanging files works pretty fast. But of course, you can’t do anything with that with 33k.
I don’t know anything about that I-drive you mentioned. I COULD send you a CDR with those files (I’ve also captured BomfunckMC’s and some other videoclips) But of course, you’ll have to mail me your adres, and I can imagine that you are not willing to take that risk (bsa…) (although you can thrust me, but of course, you don’t know me, so it’s quite difficult). So I guess you’ll have to look for it elsewhere. :frowning:
Damn, I would have been proud if I could get that clip to you; it really looks cool :slight_smile:

Well yeah, bad luck.
I’m not at home this week, so the first time I’ll be online will be next saturday. So if you still have some suggestions, I advice you to mail me (



Have they got BSA in Belgium too? I already knew that you guys have TMF. It rocks. I mentioned freedrive @ Sign up and you get 50 MB for sharing files. Singing up here is very easy. And when I mean easy it really is easy. I don’t know if you want to post it for me there, cause uploading it might take some time. Damn, forgot you have cable: uploading might take not so long.

BTW what is your internetspeed and who’s your provider. I live in Nederlands Limburg which is quite close to Belgium.


Maybe you can upload it to I don’t know if it works, but give it a try. Or login to idrive. Or shall I email you my loginname and password for Idrive.
Have you misschien toevallig DJ Jurgen - Higher and higher too???


Yea I could upload it with that cable connection (± 300kb/sec), but unfortunately, I’m at home right now. I have to study for my tests next month :-((. At home, I only have ISDN, so that’s a bit to slow if I want to upload 30MB I guess. Damn.
Sorry I can’t help you :-((


or u try it at
they seem to have almost everything


But they don’t seem to have scoop nor dj jurgen so…

Dear Wannes, I hope everythig goes well studying your tests and hope to hear from you soon. Could you post the list here from that CD-R you mentioned (with bomfunk mc’s etc) ??


Hi Flappie,

I’m not a dealer, so I don’t have lists, but I could make you a cdr with some videoclips. I captured only a few of them (scoop, bomfunckMC’s, Trainspotting-musicclip (= choose life) and some other things. Since I’m a total nutcase, I would send the cdr for free :-)(no, it’s just that I don’t want to take any risk with payment and getting busted :-)). So if you thrust me and send me your adres, I’ll make you the cd and send it after my tests.


But can I trust you??? I made a small list of which video’s I’d like to posses.

***** Scoop-rock the house
** Scoop-drop it
*** rank 1-airwave
*** alice dj-will i ever
***** fragma-toca’s miracle

  • anton-anton aus tirol

***** dj jurgen-higher and higher
** bomfunk mcs-freestyler
**** zombie nation-kernkraft 400
** melanie c-never be the same again
**** drive by shooters - get up aaaaahhhh
*** moloko - time is now

where the ‘**’ mean how much i’d appriciate it. So i really like to have DJ Jurgen and Scoop. But DJ Jurgen has the highest priority. So I beg you: Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen,Jurgen !!

I hope I made myself clear. And that with no sending money: YOU’re AN IDIOT. I will send you money if you like (Fl or BEF no problem, I suggest somethig like Fl 10,- = Bef 200). But we will ‘regel’ that later. I will email you my adres really soon in combination with this reply. And if the CD does not get full, fill it with trance-mp3’s or trance-mpg’s. But I suggest you hurry with DJ Jurgen 'cause it is allmost gone out of the FACTORY 40 from TMF Belgium.

Thanks, if I can do something for you, email or post it here.


Wannes are you alive??


Guess who’s coming to a disco nearby: SCOOP.
And Da rick, DJ Jurgen etc. On ‘hemelvaartsdag’ in the Apollo, Mariaplein 15 in Helden, NL. Yeah, hope to hear from you soon, Wannes.

Scoop rocks the hou… Apollo


I wrote you an email. Sorry for the delay, but my tests…